Success in healthcare requires an enterprise-wide understanding of patients, processes and objectives.

Explore how uninformed decision-making can harm your organization and how IBM Watson can offers solutions.

Additional work, excessive fees and lack of accountability between multiple vendors

Healthcare Operational Improvement

Business Process Management

Lack of evidence-based research to improve outcomes

Research Support

Business Decision Making

Fee-for-service models that incentivize frequent visits over better outcomes

Provider Consulting Services

Analytics and Policy Consulting

Insufficient resources and expertise to conduct high-caliber studies

Research Support

Population Health Management

Inaccurate or incomplete information leading to incorrect health and social program eligibility determinations

Social Program Management

Social Assistance

Public Health

Reasons to care

Low participant engagement can hinder the data collection needed to drive insight into improving health and social programs.

A more holistic understanding of health and social program patients couldhelp providers craft more efficient and effective policies.

Incorrect management of multiple vendors can cost providers time and money while negatively impacting patient outcomes.