Failure to effectively collect and analyze various types of data can lead to missed opportunities and wasted resources.

Explore the problems associated with disparate data in healthcare and see how IBM Watson Health can help.

Challenges in capturing and analyzing new types of data for insight

Data Warehousing

Fragmented view of individuals due to disconnected data resources

Social Program Management

Care Management

Problems integrating new solutions with existing applications

Data Integration

Business Decision Support

Social Program Management

Reasons to care

An inability to integrate new solutions with existing systems can hinder innovation and damage return on investment.

Complex tools and interfaces may negate the potential benefits of new solutions, slowing processes and wasting time and resources.

The ability to gather and cross-analyze various data types can help improve outcomes and reduce costs with a more holistic understanding of patients.

Hosting administrative, clinical and social data in disconnected resources prevents a holistic, client-centric view of healthcare.