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Watson Financial Services

Adding Watson's cognitive capabilities allows you to go beyond traditional rules-based policy and demographic views to a deeper understanding of customer profitability, preferences and lifecycle needs so that you can offer new, more personalized offerings and experiences. Watson can also help you transform your approach to managing risk and compliance so that you can stay ahead of an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Explore the cognitive power of Watson Financial Services

Cognitive systems can deliver unprecedented personalized support to financial services customers in a way that fundamentally changes the experience of the brand - and can also improve enterprise-wide visibility into regulatory and internal compliance controls.

Customer Insight

Cognitive technologies can fundamentally change how you identify customer behaviors and patterns. Create personalized offerings and campaigns that improve customer sales and service, enhance relationships and grow wallet share.

Risk and Compliance

Transform your regulatory compliance and surveillance programs by deploying cognitive capabilities that drive the identification and understanding of regulatory requirements, improve your efficiency at addressing compliance requirements, while reducing the risk of misconduct.