IBM Watson Education is bringing
education into the cognitive era.

We are transforming the learning experience through personalization. Cognitive solutions that understand, reason and learn help educators gain insights into learning styles, preferences, and aptitude of every student. The results are holistic learning paths, for every learner, through their lifelong learning journey.

IBM Watson Element for Educators

An IBM MobileFirst for iOS app for education, IBM Watson Element provides teachers a single 360-degree view of students by consolidating various academic, social, and behavioral data sources. These insights generate suggestions on how best to help each student so they receive targeted support in the classroom more quickly.

IBM Watson Enlight for Educators

Built for teachers, by teachers, IBM Watson Enlight planning tool support teachers with curated, personalized learning content and activities to align with each student’s needs. Teachers have access to key insights into students' academic strengths and weaknesses as they create individualized learning experiences.

IBM Watson and Pearson bring cognitive capabilities to the college learning experience.

Empowering students in the classroom and beyond.

Quick facts

Over 30% of students in higher education in developed countries leave without a degree or certificate.

— Know Your Industry, IBM.

Even among those who
graduate from high
school, only 42%
are properly prepared for

— College Board, 2015
Program Results.

The longer students
experience personalized
learning, the greater their
growth and achievement.

— Rand Corporation, Continued Progress, John F. Pane et al, 2015.

High school students who are engaged and hopeful are 1.6x MORE LIKELY to report that they will be going to either a two-year or four-year college after high school.

— Gallup, Student Poll 2015.

Only 50% of industry leaders believe secondary schools are preparing students to be productive members of the workforce.

— IBM Institute for Business Value.

Learn how Coppell ISD is using IBM Watson Element to tailor the learning experience for individual students.

IBM Watson and Sesame Street collaborate to advance preschool education around the world.

Education Industry

IBM's education technology solutions combine data expertise, analytics and open standards to advance student and institutional outcomes.

Personalized Education

What does a cognitive education look like from curriculum to career?
Read our white paper on personalized education.