IBM Watson Education is bringing education into the cognitive era.

We are transforming the learning experience through personalization. Cognitive solutions that understand, reason and learn help educators gain insights into the learning styles, preferences, and aptitude of every student. The results are holistic learning paths, for every learner, through their lifelong learning journey.

Coppell ISD

Learn how Coppell ISD is using IBM Watson Element to tailor the learning experience for individual students.

Sesame Street

IBM and Sesame Street collaborate to create the next generation of individualized learning tools.


IBM and Pearson are bringing Watson cognitive capabilities to college students and educators.


Watson Education POV

With Watson Education, educators and students together can transform the individualized learning throughout their lifelong learning journey.

Personalized Education

What does a cognitive education look like from curriculum to career? Read our white paper on personalized education.

Education Industry

IBM’s education technology solutions combine data expertise, analytics and open standards to advance student and institutional outcomes.

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