We are IBM Watson Education

The IBM Watson Education team is focused on using AI to improve learning outcomes and implement solutions that will help all students succeed.

Our platform relies on digital trends and Watson AI technology to give teachers the tools they need to be most effective and help learners perform at the top of their abilities.

By using AI as an added assistant in the classroom, our goal is to encourage lifelong learning where each person is met with the individualized tools they need to succeed in school and beyond. 

How are we using AI in Education?


Personalized content for students based on mastery

Lessons, activities and assignments for students based on where they are today


Enhancing early childhood vocabulary development

Tablet-based vocabulary learning app that can identify areas that require additional focus


1:1 AI-based tutoring for students

Track students progress, adapts the conversation, and provides insights to instructors

What we do

IBM Watson Tutor

An intelligent tutoring system (ITS) that guides students through a review session using natural language conversation.

IBM Watson Classroom

Watson Classroom is comprised of IBM Watson Element and IBM Watson Enlight, and helps teachers deliver truly personalized learning to improve student outcomes.

Teacher Advisor With Watson

Teacher Advisor is IBM's philanthropic resource for k-8 math teachers. Teachers will find quality curated instructional resources through a Watson-enabled interface, entirely for free.

IBM and Pearson

The Watson Tutor, an AI-based tutoring solution, is embedded in Pearson's interactive learning environment and provides students with 1:1 personalized review sessions.

IBM and Sesame Street

IBM and Sesame Workshop are collaborating to combine Watson’s cognitive computing with Sesame’s early childhood expertise.

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