The service in action

Many partners, clients, and developers have already validated the Tradeoff Analytics service. Their real-world applications have helped drive the development of the service. They also serve as examples for some of the many ways you can apply the service to your business and development needs. For more information about the research that underlies the Tradeoff Analytics service, see The science behind the service.

CONSENSUS European project

The CONSENSUS project provides multi-objective decision-making tools through Citizens Engagement. CONSENSUS is a European project that is based on the Tradeoff Analytics technology. The project enables collaborative decisions on the optimal strategy for global land use, taking into account conflicts between global welfare, biofuels and energy, and natural diversity.

The CONSENSUS consortium comprises leading global organizations such as the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, World Wide Fund for Nature, The European Union Road Federation, and OXFAM Italia ONLUS. It also includes partners from academia such as the National Technical University of Athens and the University of Konstanz, as well as industrial partners such as the Athens Technology Center and IBM.

The CONSENSUS project uses Tradeoff Analytics core capabilities to

  • Maximize the impact of policies by identifying a rich set of optimal alternatives and examining their consequences and side-effects.
  • Empower citizens and echo the increasingly growing importance of public opinion in policy making.
  • Educate citizens about policy issues and increase the transparency of the decision-making process.

The following high-level results reflect end-user feedback from a CONSENSUS project that used the Tradeoff Analytics service. The project concerns a road-pricing scenario; the end-users are authorities involved in road development, operation, or both.

  • Presentation: The tool presents an interesting concept for high-level decision-making and analysis. It is very useful for prescreening and prefeasibility of projects and road-pricing policies.
  • Efficiency: The tool reduces the time and money associated with the analysis, decision-making, and implementation of alternative road-pricing schemes.
  • Effectiveness: The tool achieves a preliminary balance between costs and benefits.
  • Transparency: The tool enhances the clarity of the decision-making process. It clearly justifies the choice of a road-pricing scheme by balancing its various impacts.
  • Collaboration: The tool encourages inclusiveness by involving all related actors in the policy-making process.

You can learn more about the CONSENSUS project at or from the file CONSENSUS Brochure.pdf.

IBM DemandTec retail promotion offering

The IBM DemandTec® promotion and optimization offering integrates core elements of the Tradeoff Analytics technology. The solution enables a merchandiser or pricing analyst to visually compare promotions across strategic objectives, make tradeoffs, and select the optimal promotions to execute in two clicks. The introduction of the Tradeoff Analytics service adds intelligence and visualization to simplify the otherwise cumbersome decision-making process.

IBM Cúram integration

Integrating IBM Cúram with a Watson Tradeoff Analytics service provides a working example of how to integrate the Tradeoff Analytics service with the IBM Cúram offering. This is an example of a very powerful "Watsonization" of IBM Cúram. The goal of the proposed scenario is to assist a planner in choosing a provider for a social service for elderly and vulnerable people. After working through the example, the developer is familiar with the tasks needed to implement their own solutions based on IBM Cúram Outcome Management, IBM Cúram Provider Management, and the Tradeoff Analytics service. A video that demonstrates the integration is also available.

Business partners and hackathons

Watson's developer community has incorporated the Tradeoff Analytics service into their technologies. The solutions span multiple application domains. For example, Equals 3 Media uses the Tradeoff Analytics service for media selection. John Shelton, the CEO of Equals 3 Media, commented:

IBM Watson Tradeoff Analytics is giving us the ability to provide an easy to use and easy to implement media selection service without having to spend time and energy creating complex models.

With Tradeoff Analytics, we have been able to focus on creating net new value adds to our software versus spending time on re-creating the wheel.

The out of the box visualizations allow us to get immediate value as we build in additional Watson services to provide more in-depth analysis in future features on our roadmap.

Since its beta release, the Tradeoff Analytics service has been used in numerous hackathon applications and various decision-making problems. Some examples of applications that use the service follow:

  • NYC School Finder finds the best school for your child in New York City based on your child's personality.
  • Nests finds the best home for you in the United States based on your preferred housing attributes.
  • PlanAdvisor navigates the process of selecting the health insurer that best suits your family's needs.