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What is your industry?

Banking and financial services



Public sector


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What is your company size?






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Are you currently using automated customer service technology, like conversational AI?

Yes. We use conversational AI to handle the majority of Tier 1 support.

Yes. We use an IVR system to handle the majority of Tier 1 support.

Yes. We have implemented an AI assistant, but only to handle a small percentage of queries.

We’re starting to implement but not live yet.

No. But we are interested and exploring options.

No. We don’t plan to integrate AI into our operations.

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How satisfied are you with your speed of issue resolution and average call handling (AHT)?

Very satisfied. Our AHT and resolution times are better than industry averages.

Satisfied. Our AHT and resolution times are good but could be better.

Slightly dissatisfied. We’d like to lower costs, AHT and resolution time.

Extremely dissatisfied. Costs are high and our incident resolution time is below industry average.

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How easy is it for your customers to reach a live agent?

Very easy. Customers can always choose to speak to a human agent at any point during their call.

Easy. Customers get escalated to an agent but must speak to an AI assistant first.

Difficult. Customers are directed to the IVR options and we don’t make it obvious that they can escalate to a live agent.

Impossible. We have no live agents. We solely rely on channels like bots, IVR, email, etc.

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What percentage of time do your agents spend answering the same 20+ frequently asked questions?




51-more %

Not applicable. No live agents.

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How much time do your agents spend looking for information or doing post-call work vs. actively helping customers?

Less than 30 minutes per day

Up to an hour a day

Two plus hours a day

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Are operational costs a major concern for your call center?

Yes. We really need to bring costs down this year.

Yes. We want to slightly lower our costs this year.

No. But we’re always looking for new ways to save more, while continuing to innovate.

No. We’re not sure we can reduce our costs further.

No. We’ve already lowered costs through automation and new technology.

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Do your agents have all the tools they need to help customers quickly and effectively?

Yes, they have access to an AI-powered workflow that automatically suggests next-best-action and surfaces case resolving information.

Yes. They are able to resolve customer questions effectively, but their tools are too siloed for them to draw significant insights.

No. Our agents are overwhelmed by customer calls and are unable to source case-resolving information quickly.

No. We are losing money due to frequent turnover in live agents.

None. Our organization has no live agents.

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How prepared do you feel to transform your call center?

Ready. I know my organization’s next steps.

I know that I need to transform my call center and AI seems to be the solution, but I’m not sure where to start.

Not ready. I need proof that AI would positively impact my business.

Not applicable. Our business is not interested in implementing AI.

Not applicable. We are well on our way and feel confident with the resources we have.

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