Banking enhanced with Watson

Across industries, leaders are looking to emerging technologies to harness the power of their data. In banking, cognitive systems are helping enhance the customer experience, uncover new insights and improve the quality of timely decisions.

Watson Marketing gives banks a competitive edge: IBM solutions for bank marketers in the Cognitive era

See how cognitive solutions are helping banks grow their revenue and create unbreakable bonds with their customers.

The IBM solution allows us to both make the most efficient use of our IT resources and help our banks differentiate themselves.

—Søren Flø Larsen, Solution Architect, Bankdata

Watson Marketing for banking

In this age of empowered consumers, banking marketers need technology that not only analyzes data, but understands, reasons and learns from it to continuously improve. Cognitive marketing systems from IBM help banks deliver more personalized, relevant and timely interactions and offers that drive customer loyalty.

IBM will help us to substantially reduce the cost of acquiring new customers across digital channels.

—Claudia Lane, Manager, Targeted Marketing, ING DIRECT Australia

When a customer comes into one of our branches, they expect us to be able to predict what they need and serve them faster.

—Will Duong, Sr. Manager, LME & Data Strategy, BMO Financial Group

Watson Supply Chain for banking

Banks need to securely connect with client and partner communities. Leveraging the power of Watson, IBM B2B and managed file transfer solutions help you manage customer, partner, and supplier transactions and relationships. Streamline business processes inside and across your enterprise boundaries so you never miss a service level agreement or have to decline an on-boarding request.

Our IBM B2B integration platform is helping us to drive our outsourcing strategy, focus on core banking competencies and ultimately deliver higher-quality services to our customers around the world.

—Carsten van den Bogert, Middleware Specialist, Rabobank

As a growing business, we see the ability to maintain exceptional service quality as a powerful way to nurture the loyalty of our clients, and protect our hard-won reputation. Thanks to EDI in the IBM cloud, we are achieving just that.

—Mark Gorman, EDI Coordinator at Rosenthal & Rosenthal