Watson Commerce solutions based on IBM® WebSphere® Commerce are used by more than 1,500 brands across 14,000 sites. As a leader in the commerce marketplace, IBM has assembled an impressive ecosystem of Business Partners to give you access to a wide variety of specialized and validated tools.

These solutions cover the spectrum of users from smaller customers with limited business needs to enterprise level operations with extensive needs and tools that scale. So regardless of size, your organization can capitalize on the power of Watson Commerce solutions using these products that deliver open, simplified integration along with a multitude of feature-rich add-ons including pre-built integration.

Watson Commerce Business Partner solutions by category

Explore the selling and merchandising ecosystem of IBM Business Partners below. All of these partners have built ready-to-consume integrations into Watson Commerce offerings, which have been validated by IBM. By leveraging pre-built integrations, customers can enjoy additional value faster with complementary capabilities that differentiate the customer experience.

Designed for IBM WebSphere Commerce

Designed for IBM WebSphere Commerce

Designed for IBM Commerce Composer for Websphere Commerce

Designed for IBM Commerce Composer for Websphere Commerce

Designed for IBM Sterling Order Management

Designed for IBM Sterling Order Management


The Monetate Acceleration Cloud lets marketers understand customer situations, behaviors, and preferences, and act on those insights in-the-moment delivering targeted experiences to in real time. The Monetate Acceleration Cloud runs above traditional infrastructure and is accessed through one seamless user interface.


RichRelevance is the global leader in omni-channel personalization, serving clients in 42 countries from 9 offices around the globe. Using the Richrelevance Recommend and Engage Websphere widgets, companies can personalize the customer experience on their desktop and mobile websites.


Tealium's tag management integration with IBM WebSphere enables marketers to easily deploy and manage their tag-based online marketing solutions on their own. To take advantage, IBM clients simply install the certified Tealium extension which will define a data layer and integrate Tealium's Javascript technology.


Customers Are People. Not Targets. Giving customers control over the marketing they receive not only honors every customer relationship, but also changes your relationship from mass to micro, from push to pull, from one-way to interactive. Welcome to the connected economy.


Dynatrace provides organizations with the confidence to be successful with their eCommerce and Portal initiatives. Configured and optimized to work with IBM Commerce and Portal out of the box, Dynatrace captures 100% of user experience and business transactions from every browser click to SQL call and every step in between.

Exchange Solutions

Smarter Loyalty helps retailers increase retention, customer lifetime value and profitability. Smarter Loyalty is certified as Ready for Smarter Commerce has two product categories: Standard Edition and Premium Edition.

Google Address Suggestion

Google Address Suggestion widget helps validate customer addresses for Registration as well as Checkout forms. Accurate addresses mean better efficiency in delivery chain, thereby reducing shipment returns. Shopper's save significant time during registration and checkout without having to fill entire postal address.


As global leaders in real-time engagement and omni-channel commerce, LivePerson and IBM have integrated their platforms, offering a best-of-breed solution that offers exceptional buying experiences, complete with intelligent, real-time engagement.


Metail solves a fundamental customer need - being able to confidently try on clothes online. Metail allows you to try on clothes online true to size and in any outfit combination. Benefits for retailers have been validated by Kellogg and Tuck Business Schools who found Metail lifted sales by 22% and reduced returns by 5%.

Piksel Digital Enterprise

The Piksel Digital Enterprise™ system empowers businesses to leverage the impact and immediacy of online video and digital screen networks to engage, educate and motivate prospects, customers and employees on any device, anytime, anywhere from a single, scalable cloud-based solution.


Pluck's Smarter Commerce integration enables IBM® software customers to create immersive social experiences that drive shopper acquisition, engagement and conversion.


Inside is a real-time Customer Engagement Platform. Imagine if you could see your customers in real time and engage with them while they are in store. Inside is a people platform. It's also the holy grail of conversion. Intrigued?


Help reduce errors during checkout by leveraging the QAS Address Validation Plugin from Expicient. QAS Address Validation is a global professional services firm focused on deploying omni-channel software products & solutions. We specialize in enterprise wide deployments of Order Management Systems.


SMARTASSISTANT product advisors enhance IBM® powered web shops by adding interactive expert advice that helps shoppers make more confident purchase decisions and choose products that really fit their individual needs.

Social Annex

Social Annex delivers a fully integrated Advocate Marketing and Customer Loyalty platform. A best-of-breed suite of products including omni-channel Loyalty, User Generated Content, Visual Commerce, Login Services, and Social Sharing & Referrals helps tackle even the most complex acquisition, conversion, and retention challenges. Our platform helps you take charge of your customer's journey, turning browsers into buyers, buyers into loyal customers, and loyal customers into advocates for your brand.

Windsor Circle

By connecting data from IBM WebSphere Commerce to your ESP you can retain more customers through data-driven marketing. Automatically gather and analyze customer, product, and purchase history data in your Windsor Circle Analytics account. Up to 70 custom data fields are imported nightly from IBM WebSphere to your ESP.

Adobe Experience Manager

The commerce integration framework accelerates the integration of Adobe Experience Manager and e-commerce platforms, helping IT enable marketers to quickly deliver branded, personalized shopping experiences across web, mobile, in-store, and social touchpoints.

Adobe Experience Manager by Rosetta

Rosetta has brought together Adobe Experience Manager and IBM WebSphere Commerce to deliver an enterprise-class offering to marketing and IT departments. This integration allows marketers to create and build content-rich customer experiences without sacrificing the robust capabilities of an enterprise commerce platform.


The Amplience Big Content Cloud delivers rich content production, analytics and publishing capabilities API first, on a single multi-tenanted cloud platform that is backed by unparalleled 99.99% uptime SLAs. Amplience enables more than 200 of the world's leading brands to realise measurable content performance improvement.


CoreMedia LiveContext is a deeply integrated content and digital asset management solution that augments existing e-Commerce stores and supports customers throughout their journey with real-time, content-rich experiences that delight, inspire and inform – leading to increased traffic, engagement, revenue and loyalty.


A multi-faceted solution with a wide range of capabilities to enable organizations to coach and mentor talent and identify the most qualified candidates for job positions. This comprehensive solution incorporates several talent management features that can be turned on or off at the client's discretion.


Video is a proven way to increase shopper conversion rate, average order value, and organic search ranking. Invodo for IBM WebSphere Commerce enables merchandisers to quickly and flexibly add product demonstration, how-to, brand, and support video to any point in their WebSphere Commerce stores with minimal IT support.


Magnolia is a digital business platform with a CMS at its core. Enterprises such as Airbus Group, Al Arabiya, Avis and Virgin America use it as the central hub for their web, mobile and IoT initiatives. Magnolia is a privately held company, founded in 1997 and headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.

Smart Merchandiser

Smart Merchandiser is a web app designed to help merchandisers visually lay out and prioritize their eCommerce catalog. Using thumbnail images, instead of rows of data, merchandisers can drag and drop the ordering of products and colors. Merchandisers also get the web, social, and inventory analytics data for each product.


XpressBuy is an Ad Commerce platform that allows users to make in-the-moment purchases directly from an ad and without having to visit the retail site It delivers six times the conversion rates of traditional click-through advertising. XpressBuy's secure cloud architecture supports massive operational scale.


YouTube widget enables shoppers to quickly view in-line videos in the products listing page. Retailers can now engage shoppers with more immersive and intuitive experience through video marketing. This innovative method of product display results in fewer clicks for the user and better conversion rates for the retailers.

Zmags Publicator

Easy integration of Zmags Publicator content into a IBM Websphere site, with the ability to get a seamless shopping experience from inside the reading experience of the publication.


Sell your products everywhere - mobile apps, social networks, advertising, and other Buy Now channels.


We create interactive omni-commerce solutions. True omni-channel commerce not only enables consumers with choice, but empowers sellers and service representatives to care for customers at every point in the commerce life cycle, and across all transaction points. CrossView Connect for In-Store enables the omni-channel experience in physical stores. Like store associates, call center teams are on the front line with customers. CrossView Connect for Call Center integrates these key service representatives into the omni-channel ecosystem. Visibility across all sales channels is delivered along with robust order entry and management capabilities.


The DemandStream adapter for IBM WebSphere Commerce allows DemandStream to receive product attribute data, prices and inventory numbers directly from WebSphere Commerce. The integration between DemandStream and WebSphere Commerce eliminates the need for custom development of custom feeds and automation by the retailer.

Mirakl Marketplace Platform

Mirakl Marketplace Platform provides a connector dedicated to IBM WebSphere Commerce for customers wishing to extend their WebSphere Commerce platform with a feature-rich, easy-to-use and scalable omni-channel Marketplace platform.

OneView Commerce

The OneView Digital Store Platform provides associates with access to a comprehensive omni-channel view of customers, orders, inventory, detailed product information and reviews. And its mobile capability untethers your store associates from the fixed register so they can provide a higher level of service in-store.


Gateway/Connector to allow WebSphere Commerce to utilise VISION BeanStore Retail Solution as a DOM (Distributed Order Management) and Inventory implementation.


PowaTag is a mobile e-commerce solution that enables consumers to interact with you and your brands anytime and anywhere. The global partnership between Powa and IBM enables businesses around the world to offer instant mobile commerce. Powa is proud to be a validated Smarter Commerce partner of IBM.

Royal Cyber

Royal Cyber is an award winning Commerce and Enterprise solutions company thats helps some of the world's largest and most demanding organizations grow faster and efficiently. We leverage some of the most advanced technologies in the industry to deliver best value to our clients.


Starmount solutions power the store as the center of the omni-channel retail experience, creating a data rich commerce platform to engage shoppers, streamline operations and support seamless and consistent cross-channel transactions.


Magma is a premium mobility solution addressing m-commerce development needs of large-scale enterprises with sophisticated e-commerce infrastructures. Magma's development framework and technology stack are designed to construct and develop native m-commerce apps, while minimizing the development effort and maximizing the ROI in the long run.


Toshiba TCxGravity represents a new class of point-of-commerce solution that makes the store a seamless extension of a customer-centric, "omni-channel" experience–an evolution of cross-channel retailing that finally empowers consumers to buy anywhere, get anywhere and return anywhere.


SNOW IO for WebSphere Commerce is a comprehensive, easy-to-deploy software solution which speeds up load times of responsive web pages by optimizing images according to target devices. It guarantees delivery of lightest page weight and requires no programming and maintenance.

Canada Post

Reduce shopping cart abandonment via a seamless integration to Canada Post's shipping services. T-Ship enables direct access to Canada Post for parcel rating, tracking, delivery to post office and returns; offering clarity and convenience to improve customer satisfaction.


Centiro is a leading-edge cloud-based supply chain solution including Transportation Management, E-commerce Delivery, Service Delivery, Reverse Logistics and Supply Chain Visibility. Some of the best supply chains in the world run Centiro and customers don't have to choose between cost-efficiency or competitive advantage – they always get both.


This solution provides services that can be used to integrate IBM Sterling Order Management application with Deliv to facilitate same day delivery of products in the supported markets.The services can be used to inquire for delivery eligibility of an order/basket, schedule a delivery appointment in Deliv and handle specific order modification scenarios.


Jiffy is a test automation suite designed to automate the validation of IBM Order Management and fulfilment Suite including Sterling DOM (Distributed Order Management), Sterling SOM (Store) and Sterling COM (Call Centre) applications.

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes powers billions of transactions across the world of commerce. Big or small, physical or digital, we help you market, send and collect.


PunchOut2Go for IBM Websphere Commerce reduces the cost and complexity for suppliers integrating punchout and other eProcurement processes, giving them the ability to connect using their own eCommerce application and automate processes with their buyers from any procurement system including Ariba, SAP, Oracle, SciQuest & Coupa


Real-time execution software for retailers, hospitality, Quick Serve Restaurants, and other service-oriented companies.


Temando helps retailers increase sales, lower costs and scale using an intelligent multi-carrier shipping and fulfillment platform supplying essential solutions to overcome the challenges of shipping in commerce. The system is integrated with IBM Sterling & WebSphere providing enhanced shipping and fulfillment capabilities.


Sales tax is complicated and Avalara AvaTax™ for IBM Commerce on Cloud makes it easy. AvaTax is a cloud-based solution that eliminates ongoing maintenance and support, gives you precise tax calculations, and allows instant access to reporting. We'll even file your sales tax returns for you!


ExIntegrator Cybersource payment plug-in by Expicient provides point to point integration between Sterling Commerce with CyberSource Payment Gateway to facilitate payment processing for customer orders. It includes Authorization, Authorization with Decision Manager, Settlement and Refunds services.

PayPal Express Checkout

With the PayPal Express Checkout for IBM Websphere, there's no need to devote valuable development resources to create a custom PayPal integration. Simply install and configure the free extension. It contains updated code needed for installation, making integration with PayPal and Websphere quick and easy.


SUT is Taxware's premise-based, tax determination solution for the US and Canada. It delivers accuracy, consistency and control for tax management. SUT calculates taxes for sales, purchases and rentals and integrates seamlessly with your ERP. SUT is widely used as a POS solution, for both brick-and-mortar and online sales.


Agility® is a Product Information Management (PIM) solution that puts your most valuable product data at the stable core of a go-anywhere IBM Commerce strategy. Agility is engineered to unify the people and processes behind the management, creation and delivery of product marketing content that will delight your customer.


Rich product data closes the sale. Whether it is B2C or B2B, it is essential to provide perfect product information which in turn helps build loyalty, stickiness and revenue. Informatica Product 360 (PIM) gives companies a central platform to do exactly that to meet the needs of today and for the future.

Instart Logic

Instart Logic's Performance and Security Suite helps retailers dramatically increase customer conversion and retention by providing best in class application delivery and security. Increase your site performance and protect your content and customers from malicious attacks. The end result is higher profits and satisfied customers.


novomind iPIM is the central reference source and hub for all sales-oriented product data components for a client company – from all data sources, for all channels, in all languages. novomind iPIM provides high quality product data to the IBM WebSphere Commerce eshop with all sales promoting Information.


Productsup provides cloud-based software for managing and optimizing product data. There is no other tool that lets you manage large amounts of product data as quickly and easily. Distribute custom feeds to unlimited shopping and marketing destinations and increase online product visibility and boost e-commerce performance.


BloomReach powers the best commerce experiences. Get people to your products faster. Personalize your customer experience. Increase your revenue. BloomReach SNAP delivers makes every digital experience more relevant across devices by personalizing search, navigation and recommendations for each visitor. SNAP interprets each visitor's intent, matches it with your best content while empowering your experts with both tools and machine learning technology to automate traditionally manual activities. Leveraging web-wide data, behavior and your content, BloomReach Organic Search matches consumer intent to your content to get more of your products found and bought.


FACT-Finder is a software for online and mobile shops. It improves on-site search, navigation, merchandising and recommendations – with a measurable impact: A/B tests have shown that merchants achieve conversion uplifts of 10-33 %.


Lucidworks Fusion has everything you need to launch and scale a responsive, relevant, custom shopping experience to every customer. Drive conversions with a personalized search experience built with the most powerful search platform in the world. Sophisticated analytics ties network performance to business results.


OneHydra is a SEO (search engine optimisation) platform that optimises large eCommerce websites. It provides actionable insights and SEO recommendations and automates many of the SEO processes that are time and labour intensive. These include keyword discovery, site audits, competitor analysis, page creation, de-duplication and cross-linking.

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