Why Watson Assistant?

Watson Assistant responds to agent questions in natural language and automates workflows via web or mobile chat. Pair Watson Assistant with AI search to help your agents find case-resolving information with ease. Build a smart agent that locates relevant answers in your company’s databases and content systems to help your human agents assist customers with confidence and speed. Seamlessly integrate Watson Assistant into existing tools to streamline workflows and ensure the next best action is taken whenever confronted by a complex issue. Watson Assistant runs on any vendor cloud, enabling you to bring AI to your data and apps, wherever they are.

The challenges



of customers prefer talking to a live agent for complicated queries



of consumers expect agents to know how they have interacted with the brand in the past



of an agent’s work day is spent on manual research

Solved with Watson Assistant



reduction in customer wait time by identifying the next best action



increase in customer satisfaction by using AI to assist customers



hour reduction in average handle time when using a smart agent

Watson Assistant powers results

Solution overview

Empower agents to respond to customer questions faster and with greater confidence. Seamlessly integrate into existing tools. Augment your AI assistant with Watson Discovery, giving agents the ability to respond to more complex questions.

The technology powering the solutions

Watson Assistant is the industry-leading enterprise AI virtual assistant technology enabling business users and developers to collaborate and build conversational AI solutions.

Watson Assistant leads in conversational computing

Watson Assistant has been named the leader in Forrester’s New Wave report on Conversational Computing. Deploy award-winning AI through a smart agent that helps your people better serve your customers.