Fifth annual awards

2021 Women of Watson Health Recognition Award winners and runner-ups

The WoWH Recognition Awards are a way to recognize Watson Health employees for their exemplary work and contributions to the Watson Health team. Please join us to congratulate and celebrate the award winners and nominees.

The Newcomer Award

Awarded to an employee from any Watson Health Team who quickly made a tangible impact on the team or a client in their first 12 months at IBM.

Alexis Mills

headshot of Alexis Mills

Performance Marketing Manager 

Vinay Patlolla

headshot of Vinay Patlolla

Cloud DevOps Engineer  

John Maneno

headshot of John Maneno

Clinical Content Specialist 

The Career Sherpa Award

Awarded to an employee from any Watson Health Team who has gone above and beyond to help you and/or others excel in your current role while still preparing for future opportunities.

Mary Herzak

headshot of Mary Herzak

GTM Communications and Enablement Program Director

Jeremy Clement

headshot of Jeremy Clement

Director, Watson Health Marketing 

Michelle Carlough

headshot of Michelle Carlough

Sr. Design Manager

The Super Glue Award

Awarded to an employee from any Watson Health Team who goes above and beyond to do right by the client while also maintaining positive team morale.

Frances Larkin

headshot of Frances Larkin

GHHS Analytics Business & Offering Lead 

Jaimie Gorman

headshot of Jaimie Gorman

Product Manager

Ajith Joy

headshot of Ajith Joy

System Engineer

Ellie Katz

headshot of Ellie Katz

Operations Project Manager

The Health Tech Hero Award

Awarded to an employee in a technical or SME role who uses deep technical skills or healthcare knowledge to have a tangible business impact.

Harish Chiluka

headshot of Harish Chiluka

Customer Experience Team

Máire Regan

headshot of Máire Regan

Technical Lead – Watson Care Manager

Sara Cobb

headshot of Sara Cobb

Implementation Manager

The C-Suite Award

Awarded to an employee in a leadership position. This person demonstrates the ability to rally and motivate a team to achieve a goal and demonstrates key leadership qualities including the traits in IBM’s mission-trust and personal responsibility.

Audrey Veitas

headshot of Audrey Veitas

Global Marketing Leader, Imaging

Angela Hofmeister

headshot of Angela Hofmeister

Associate Partner, EDW Delivery & GHHS Testing

Jennifer Nix

headshot of Jennifer Nix

Editorial Manager

The MVP Award

Awarded to an employee from any Watson Health team who is invaluable to the success of their team and goes above and beyond to contribute to the successes of other teams and clients, beyond their direct reporting chain.

Meredith Hilt

headshot of Meredith Hilt

Thought Leadership Marketing

Shannon Reilly

headshot of Shannon Reilly

Product Marketing Manager

Anna Moore

headshot of Anna Moore

Client Relationship Manager

The Ruth Leach Amonette Award

is named for Ruth Leach Amonette, IBM's first female VP. This award goes to an employee on any Watson Health Team, a person who persevered through struggles, pivots and continuous change with dedication, vision, motivation and strength.

Elaine Mahon

headshot of Elaine Mahon

Program Director, Watson Care Manager & GHHS Analytics

Amy Johnson-Morin

headshot of Amy Johnson-Morin

Sr. Client Success Manager

Beth Benoit

headshot of Beth Benoit

Project Manager, IT Operations