What are performance insights?

As healthcare continues to evolve from fee-for-service to value-based care and reimbursement environments, many hospitals and health systems struggle with balancing operational efficiency, financial profitability and continued efforts to improve patient care quality necessary to survive and thrive.

Performance insights are derived from data and analytics that are designed to inform healthcare organizations' efforts to find opportunities to improve care and efficiencies now - and to be in a position to succeed in a changing industry tomorrow. Performance insights use benchmarks and transparent metrics to drive meaningful transformation across entire organizations. And we support clients' efforts with analytic and consulting support, to accelerate and sustain results.

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Performance insights benefits

Evaluate your quality, operational and financial performance and your strategic opportunities, with data, analytics and benchmarks.

Drive an enhanced culture of continuous improvement across your organization with clear and transparent data that's accessible wherever it's needed.

Quantify your performance improvement ROI and set up for sustainable results with target setting, benefit realization and change management support.

Combine insights from your data and analytics solutions with experience and industry insights from our consultants to rapidly build consensus and consistency.

Products that offer performance insights

Assists in evaluating operational and financial performance in a realistic context, head-to-head with best-in-class performers.

Helps identify improvement opportunities using best-practice benchmarks.

Cost and Care Insights
Visualizes clinical, operational and financial data intelligence to drive results.

Market Expert
Provides localized, market-specific data to help make strategic planning decisions.

CareDiscovery Quality Measures
Supports hospital clinical quality improvement initiatives by providing efficient quality measures reporting.

CareDiscovery Electronic Quality Measures
Assists hospitals in understanding data results and identifying ways to gather the required data within their existing hospital information systems (HIS).

100 Top Hospitals
Shows hospitals and health systems how their performance compares to peers or other system hospitals, and how they are trending over time.

Uncovering insights

IBM delivers tools and insights hospitals and health systems need to evaluate operational, clinical and financial performance data in a realistic context. Watch this video to understand key cost drivers and improvement opportunities with data analytics and benchmarks.

Improving performance based on insights

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