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Hospitals and health systems are emerging from a period of massive disruption with the challenge of adapting to shifting consumer and payer demands.  Meanwhile, future challenges already await – including new requirements around price transparency and interoperability. 

Succeeding during this period of rapid, continuous change will require clinical, operational, and population-level insights and flexible, secure data management technologies that can facilitate efficient connections across the health ecosystem. 

With IBM® Watson Health®, healthcare providers can gain access to data analytics, consulting and data management solutions that can help accelerate transformation and optimize performance as they face the challenges of today – as well as those that lie around the corner.

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Hospital price transparency

Explore a comprehensive solution designed to help providers quickly comply with the US hospital price transparency rule

Healthcare analytics

Expand your analytic capabilities in alignment with business priorities, without changing your underlying IT infrastructure.

Population health analytics

Leverage curated analytic dashboards to help understand cost, quality and utilization trends for your employees or at-risk populations.

Hospital benchmarks

Access consulting services and studies on health system and hospital performance to facilitate improvement.

Cloud technology in healthcare

Become nimble at delivering innovative services that meet changing consumer and industry demands while satisfying security standards.

Blockchain in healthcare

Support transparent and accurate data exchange with payers and apply secure verifiable consent to help empower patients with their health information.


Healthcare supply chain

Get support with creating a lasting competitive advantage at every stage of the supply chain — from product selection and sourcing to logistics and distribution. 

Revenue cycle management

Build resilient, adaptable revenue cycle management processes that can help insulate your organization during times of financial uncertainty.

Healthcare provider consulting

Access a connected ecosystem of health experts, data, and partners to support digital transformation and help you manage the impacts of health reform.

Boosting hospital reimbursements

Discover how a medical center's partnership with IBM Watson Health revenue cycle management consulting resulted in fewer claim denials and an improved patient experience.

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