Helping healthcare providers succeed in a rapidly-changing world

The fundamentals of healthcare have changed. Trends once viewed as potential disruptors – such as virtual health and retail medicine – have become the new standard in healthcare delivery. As a result, digital transformation is no longer optional, but required.

Accelerate your organization’s transition with IBM Watson Health. Put in place the tools, insights, workflows, and the flexible technology infrastructure to succeed.

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Watson Health: Bridging the Gap to a Smarter Health System (01:40)

How to succeed with value-based care

Get insights on the 5 capabilities required


Improve healthcare provider performance

Rich data, content and analytics

Leverage data, analytics and AI to deliver value at scale.

Deep healthcare expertise

Work with health experts, clinical data and partners to accelerate your digital transformation.

Security and trust

Partner with a proven leader in enterprise hardware, software and security.


Performance improvement

Accelerate transformation with analytic insights and technology.

Clinical decision support

Facilitate access to the latest evidence-based information at the point of care.


Patient engagement

Empower patients with solutions that help improve health outcomes.

Diagnostic imaging

Improve workflows and clinical care delivery with tools that help supply healthcare providers with the right data at the right time.

Consulting services

Healthcare provider consulting and analytics

Access specialized healthcare consulting services that can help healthcare providers and leaders improve clinical and business performance, while managing the impacts of health reform.


Are you a top hospital?

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How to advance AI adoption

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Make confident clinical decisions

In the clinic or on the go, healthcare providers need insights and stats

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