Interoperability solutions can empower digital transformation

IBM Watson Health offers an end-to-end suite of capabilities and services that supports healthcare organizations as they work to follow interoperability regulations as well as exceed user expectations for privacy and consent. Organizations can realize significant benefits if they look to interoperability solutions not just to comply with industry requirements, but to work toward digital transformation.  

Comprehensive healthcare interoperability solutions for payer organizations can address strategy development, data curating and management, patient access API management, implementation and support, and consent management. By enhancing healthcare information exchange, payer organizations not only meet the CMS final rule requirements, but can potentially better engage their members, compete more effectively in their market and digitally transform their organizations.

pictogram of interoperability

The journey to interoperability

Discover the stages of maturity along the path to interoperability.


Leading with security, privacy and trust

Get up to speed on the fast healthcare interoperability resources (FHIR) framework and ensure the security of your IT systems.

Deploying interoperable cloud technologies

Access robust cloud technologies such as IBM API Connect® to help with the management and security of healthcare information exchange.

Supporting complex healthcare compliance

Receive comprehensive support to help you achieve and maintain compliance with CMS regulations, such as solution monitoring and updates on the latest requirements.

Healthcare interoperability solutions

Interoperability strategy and development

Receive an interoperability maturity assessment with prioritized use cases and capabilities in order to develop an execution roadmap while moving toward digital transformation.

Health data management

Developers across health IT can turbocharge their adoption of FHIR R4, work on data provenance and ingestion and transform their health data.

API management

IBM API Connect is an intuitive platform that supports RESTful FHIR APIs, app registration, authorization and authentication as well as API throttling, endpoint security and bulk data import/export.

Implementation & support services

Supports integration, monitoring and maintenance of your healthcare interoperability solution, along with requirement updates, guidance, support and education.

Consent management

IBM Consent Manager provides blockchain-enabled services to help health plans manage consumer requests to securely share data, and to automate audit trails to help meet security and privacy needs.