Benefits management

Optimize your workforce with data-driven insights

As an organization’s healthcare and workforce strategies become one, benefits administration leaders and COVID-19 task forces have the power to transform the way employee benefit plans work.

How Watson Health® helps employers

Benefits analytics

Surface insights from data sources including open enrollment, health insurance, and wellness programs to help reduce costs, improve program performance and improve quality

Business continuity

Lead employees through uncertainty with a focus on health, safety and productivity while protecting an individual’s privacy

Employee engagement

Help onboard new hires and streamline employees' benefits enrollment process to become more informed healthcare consumers


Health Insights

Explore your employee benefits plans and provider behaviors with greater data and analytics

Flexible Analytics

Advanced analytic methods to manage healthcare programs and workflows

Account Group Insights

Embrace data visualization in reports to human resources and executives by delivering visually compelling and analytically robust insights

Digital Health Pass

Help organizations verify each individual's COVID-19 credentials with self-service options including a mobile app

Benefits Mentor with Watson

Navigate employee benefits programs and take aim at retention using data and AI

Work with a specialist

Our employer specialists are ready to answer your questions. Let’s pave the way to smarter management of healthcare benefits together.