Empower employees to make smart benefits decisions during and after COVID-19 with Benefits Mentor with Watson

Benefits management

Optimize your workforce with data-driven insights

As an organization’s healthcare and workforce strategies become one, benefits leaders and COVID-19 taskforces have the power to transform the way we work.

How Watson Health helps employers


Health Insights

Improve your employee benefits strategy with data and analytics

Benefits Mentor with Watson

Navigate employee benefits programs using data and AI

Workplace Health Advisor

Help organizations assess worksite and community risk data

Digital Health Pass

Help organizations verify each individual's COVID-19 health status


COVID-19 digital health credentials

Learn how to get back to business while prioritizing health and safety for your employees and customers

Using insights to inform future health programs and strategy

Discover how to leverage population health data in employee benefits management

Work with an expert

Our employer experts are ready to answer your questions. Let’s pave the way to smarter healthcare benefits management together.