Transforming diagnostic imaging

Effectively accessing the growing volume of imaging data is vital, but so is implementing innovations that foster collaboration and provide data insights.

Drive toward smarter health by managing, presenting, and analyzing data along with extracting critical insights to help scale care delivery and let clinicians focus their expertise on patients.


Deep patient insights

Make more informed care decision through the power of AI.

Decisive collaboration

Connect health data, clinical expertise and caregivers across the continuum of care.

Scalable delivery of care

Move forward with technology designed to scale and fit into your IT infrastructure.


Exceed technology expectations

No matter where you are in your enterprise imaging journey, move forward with scalable, vendor-neutral solutions based on cutting-edge on-premise and cloud technologies.

Diagnostic imaging solutions

Radiology solutions

Use advanced imaging, specialized AI digital assistants and optimized clinical workflows.

Cardiology solutions

Tools that automate data records management for clinicians across cardiology service lines.

Enterprise imaging solutions

A robust foundation with scaling abilities, clinical collaborations and innovative technology.

IBM Watson Patient Synopsis

A radiologist-trained AI tool that efficiently informs confident care decisions.

IBM Watson Imaging Clinical Review

A retrospective AI-enabled data review tool.

IBM Imaging AI Marketplace

A single-source solution to simplify the process of deploying imaging AI applications.

Strengthen clinical decisions with smarter data practices

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