Cardiologists often work in fast-paced healthcare environments where inefficiency or delays can affect their ability to deliver high-quality care. With cardiology-specific solutions from IBM, cardiologists and their teams can streamline workflows to make their cardiovascular service line more efficient, cost-effective and patient-centered.


Comprehensive patient records

Easy-to-access cardiovascular records that integrate data across your service line.

Simplified digital reporting

Customizable report pre-population and distribution to reduce data entry time.

Centralized access & management

View cardiac files from any web-based location.*

*Not for use with mobile devices

Learning opportunity

Cardiology solutions

Cardiac imaging and information management

Access, integrate and manage patient records with a centralized, web-enabled system.

Automated cath lab documentation

Make cath lab processes more efficient with user-defined pre-populated fields.


Creating workflow efficiency in cardiology

Read our guide to solving workflow challenges in cardiology and cardiac imaging.

Cardiology adapts to consolidation

See how consolidation can provide a chance for cardiologists to improve services.

5 steps to a better cardiology workflow

Take practical steps to improve your routines for delivering cardiovascular care.


Learn how CVIS benefits cardiology imaging and other services.

AI solutions

Locate, purchase, deploy and manage curated cardiology AI applications.

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