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The concept of Lean is a simple one: eliminate nonvalue-added activities. Done right, Lean can help change organizations, delivering results that spur even more transformations. Our process describes a problem-solving approach and organizational culture-change that drives continuous improvement.

Helping organizations significantly increase the value of their enterprise

Simpler has a guided approach to transformation adoption that includes visioning, team development, and value stream analysis.

Conducting a business-minded assessment that requires the experience to see what’s possible

Simpler’s data capture and preparation phase begins with the question, “What’s the reason our business exists?” Using a proven set of data requests and analysis, we help you outline clear targets and define breakthroughs.

Working with you to uncover the improvement potential of your business

Using a proprietary mapping technique with highly customized data, each business function in the end-to-end business process is analyzed to identify waste and improvement opportunities.

Creating a process for strategy execution across the enterprise

Once the “what” has been defined, the next step is to determine the “how.” Simpler works with your team to choose strategic options ensuring you understand potential risks, the impact on customers, values, employees and the overall goals of the organization.

Lean Strategy to success

Reassessing enterprises to redefine what's possible

Laying the groundwork for a successful Lean transformation

Lean transformation is a proven, highly effective strategy for increasing enterprise value.  Read why this approach is essential to appraising the value of your company, and how that affects your organization's  transformation.

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