Prepare for change

A combination of forces is putting immense pressure on organizations to change and adapt. Businesses must act quickly to respond to a rapidly changing, disruptive environment. By 2020 more than half of all companies will interact regularly with services based on cognitive computing. And by that time there will be more than 29 billion connected devices, and the data from those connected devices will yield insights that will drive economic value greater than $11 trillion.

Next generation Lean

Simpler’s Digital Review is a powerful diagnostic assessment, that allows your organization to build a business case and portfolio of opportunities at scale to simplify, automate and augment across your enterprise.

Reinventing Lean

Achieve the clarity and confidence you need from a business case to simplify, automate and augment at scale and establish a digital workforce.

Embrace intelligent automation

We apply a pragmatic, scalable and progressive diagnostic methodology to simplify, automate, and augment the work.

Deliver improved productivity

Simpler helps you combine simplification and end-to-end process improvement across your enterprise, with expert guidance on selected technology solutions.

Create a culture of continuous improvement

Simpler will help your organization thrive in a digitally disrupted world. Using next generation Lean, we help to innovate, drive new growth, and implement processes that enable sustainable growth and competitiveness.

Case Study

Next generation Lean Enables a Digital Transformation

Simpler delivered its proprietary Simpler Business System® to conduct a digital diagnostic for an IBM business process outsourcing (BPO) client, encompassing all operations in two offshore delivery centers to help identify and implement productivity gains while maintaining an exceptionally high level of customer service.


Productivity gain in excess of 62 FTEs or 22%

Cost reduction of £5M to the end of contract

Client innovation expectations were met

Robotic process automation (RPA) Lean improvement activities and new daily management system implemented

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