Drive growth in a digitally disrupted world

Business leaders are focused on developing strategies to implement digital products and services to help improve their organization's overall performance. They also see corporate culture as one of the biggest barriers to digital transformation. Simpler Consulting, an IBM company has 20-plus years’ experience helping businesses transform and increase their value. Simpler is reinventing Lean to enable your organization’s successful digital transformation. We do this by engaging your human workforce and by implementing a digital workforce using our next generation lean methodology. By simplifying, automating and augmenting the work, every job is transformed and so is the way you continuously improve.¹


Provide the strategic guidance necessary to ensure the enterprise transformation is aligned with the future direction of the organization. Our business system and executive coaching helps you to turn your strategy into action.

Operational Excellence

We work with core business processes to rapidly uncover opportunities to simplify, automate and augment.

Digital Review

Simpler’s Digital Review is a powerful diagnostic assessment, that allows your organization to build a business case and portfolio of opportunities.

Design for Value™

Design powerful, streamlined outcomes to increase value of your business.

What is the Cornerstone of a Successful Business System?


Rapidly uncover business opportunities to simplify automate and augment.


Improve your operating model by applying lean principles, intelligent automation, and augmented intelligence


Define breakthrough goals to focus improvement efforts

Redefine value

A Proven Transformation System

Simpler’s core principles


Respect people involved and the goal of continuous improvement

Sustained value

Goals aren’t designed as narrow, short-term fixes—but on achieving long-term success

Eliminating waste

Process improvement focused on eliminating waste and delivering only value-added services

Knowledge transfer

SBS to teach skills and to help clients sustain improvements

Leadership and staff buy-in

True improvement only happens when embraced at all levels

Our approach has enabled us to achieve USD 3.7 billion in client-verified savings and an average client return-on-investment of 10:1

Simpler Consulting, an IBM company is proud to have clients from several industries in the Fortune Global 500, as well as many clients who have been externally recognized for the success of their transformations by the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), and the Shingo Institute.

Lean Reinvented: Design for Value™

We are living in a challenging era where technologies constantly combine and advance, concepts move rapidly from inception to disruption and mistakes go viral in minutes. Seventy-two percent of businesses believe they are susceptible to digital disruption in the next three years, though only 14% believe that they can act quickly enough to compete against it. Simpler’s proprietary Design for Value approach combines design thinking methodology with Lean principles in a practical and collaborative workshop.

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Simpler's areas of expertise

Aerospace and defense


Banking and financial markets




Government - US Federal

Metals and mining

Ingersoll Rand

Aligning an entire organization to drive sustainable change

Despite longstanding success across the globe, industrial manufacturer Ingersoll Rand (IR) aimed for substantial year-over-year improvements. The company turned to Simpler® Consulting for help in rethinking its improvement targets—and aligning the entire organization to deliver the corporate strategy within a common improvement methodology and management system.


Identified USD 300M in cost savings

Achieved greater than 25:1 return on client investment

Employee engagement increased to greater than 75 percent

Operating income increased by 15 percent

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¹IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Business Consulting Services 2018 Vendor Assessment Worldwide and U.S. Business Consulting Services Forecast, 2018–2022 2018 Gartner CIO Survey