Recognizing leadership that achieves top system performance and alignment

The Watson Health 15 Top Health Systems study, formerly the Truven Health Analytics® study, delivers a rigorous, aggregate analysis of system metrics from individual hospital data. That data is then used to identify the 15 top-performing systems in the nation, according to a balanced scorecard of measures derived from publicly available clinical, operational and patient perception of care data.

Hospitals do not apply or pay to participate in the studies, nor do winners pay to promote their award

How is the study conducted?

This annual, quantitative study uses objective, independent research and public data sources.  Building on the Watson Health 100 Top Hospitals program, this research allows health system leaders to understand how their system compares to both peer and national benchmarks.

The Watson Health 15 Top Health Systems study provides healthcare executives and boards with evidence-based insights into the effectiveness of health system leadership, organizational performance and system-wide alignment.

Custom reports are available for 338 US health systems.  Contact us to learn what we can do for your organization.

Achievements of this year's winners

If all Medicare patients received the same level of care as those treated in our winning systems (further improvements might be expected if all patients received this level of care):

More than 60,000 additional lives could be saved

More than 26,000 additional patients could be complication free

Healthcare associated infections would be reduced by 10%

Patients would spend 38 fewer minutes per visit in the hospital ED

15 Top Health Systems Winners' Exclusives

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