Watson Health at RSNA 2020

Shifting policies, evolving systems and global health challenges have created opportunities to rethink the way we work. IBM Watson Health is helping healthcare organizations navigate this shifting landscape and convert disruptions into advantages with solutions that unlock the value of data, technology and strategy.


Attend our presentations to learn more about the research we are doing and how we can work with you to make data, technology adoption, and collaboration smarter.

Lunch and Learn

Resilience: What does it mean for the radiologist and the field of radiology? Hear a panel of experts discuss the driving forces in health care, including the events of 2020, which require resilience both for radiologists and radiology on December 2 at 12:30 p.m. CT.

Innovation Theater

A man wearing glasses looking to a screen

Pushing the boundary of possibilities: Learn about new opportunities to make data more tangible in this on-demand session.

AI Showcase

A doctor doing an examination on a person lying on a bed

AI in Healthcare: Bringing Next Level Precision, Scale and Workflow to the Enterprise Find out how IBM and its partners are bringing innovative AI solutions into clinical environments during this on-demand session.

Watch a demo

One insightful reading interface for reading physicians: Join us for a tour of the IBM Watson Health’s clinical radiology imaging portfolio and learn how radiologists can support their workflows and decision-making with valuable clinical insights on November 30 at 8:30 a.m. CT.

Watch a demo

Enterprise Imaging - Insights Inside: Learn how organizations can effectively manage data to build a continuum of care and enable smarter collaboration in this demo on December 1 at 2:00 p.m. CT.

Virtual booth

Meet with us virtually in our booth

Make data smarter

Artificial intelligence and analytics aim to alleviate many challenges providers are facing by delivering actionable insights to radiologists that allow them to dedicate more of their time and expertise to patient care.

Make technology adoption smarter

Given the ever-growing number of imaging studies that need to be managed and stored, hybrid multi-cloud platforms have the power to transform the enterprise imaging infrastructure and reduce total cost of ownership while delivering on business continuity, data security, multi-site access, and operational efficiency.

Make collaboration smarter

Enabling data and findings to follow patients and inform their clinicians through multiple care events remains challenging. True collaboration requires adoption of integrated systems that promote a better data flow, access to a complete view of a patient’s information from anywhere, and implementation of innovative ways to use imaging data to contribute to patient care.


Watson Health will present the results of three scientific studies at RSNA 2020