Don’t just lead, succeed.

To thrive in a value-based care world, hospitals and health system leaders need to improve clinical quality, reduce inefficiencies, and manage costs helping to improve financial performance and enhance patient care. Without a clear view of the organization’s existing efforts, however, leaders are left making best guesses vs. data-driven decisions.


for hospital and health system leaders

Comprehensive, localized data

Make strategic investments

Use comprehensive, localized data to plan programs and services that meet the needs of your community.

Powerful methodologies

Stay ahead of the market

Enable greater accuracy in planning your organization’s future endeavors through use of advanced analytics.

Fast, relevant insights

Stay competitive

Take advantage of in-depth market analyses and data from one of the largest databases in the industry.

Success stories

See how health systems have improved their clinical, operational and financial performance with IBM Watson Health solutions.

Improve system-wide performance

DeKalb Medical reduced mortality, decreased medical complications and realized more than $12 million in savings.

Identifying network-wide performance opportunities

Multiple hospital systems identified performance improvement opportunities and realized hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings with insights.

Increase efficiencies

Indiana University Health System identified performance improvement opportunities, including staffing levels, utilization, patient volume and more.

Improve clinical quality

Schneck Medical Center improved care for their COPD patients, resulting in an 80 percent reduction in the unplanned COPD readmission rate.

Our solutions

IBM Healthcare Cost and Care Insights

See the opportunities for clinical quality operational and financial performance improvement.

IBM ActionOI

Increase operational efficiency while lowering costs.

IBM CareDiscovery

Take steps to improve clinical quality, reduce physician variation and address process inefficiencies.

Provider Consulting and Analytics

Specialized healthcare consulting supported by robust analytics designed to improve clinical and business performance and thrive under payment reform.

Client success stories

Hospital Pharmacists Tap AI to Improve Drug Information Searches

Dozens of hospital pharmacists tested Micromedex with Watson , and they all made it clear that their number one priority was to make sure the clinical information they deliver to their colleagues and friends is rock solid.

DeKalb Medical

DeKalb Medical needed to improve operational and clinical outcomes, reduce administrative and clinical inefficiencies and develop system - wide key performance metrics — all with limited resources.

IBM Watson Health Taps Hospital Clinical Data to Improve Sepsis Care

AHMC Healthcare needed to focus on improving the patient experience and entire clinical operation around sepsis management.

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