Solutions to help improve clinical, operational and financial performance, and enhance patient care

By delivering insights at the point of care, Watson Health solutions can help providers better engage patients, and optimize their time. Discover IBM Micromedex® with Watson™, clinical decision support with the added power of artificial intelligence, trained by clinicians, and refined by you. 

Our focus for healthcare organizations

Optimize performance

Providing healthcare organizations insights that can help drive improved clinical, operational, and financial performance.

Insights at the point of care

Helping clinicians and healthcare organizations by providing relied upon evidence at the point of care, and by evaluating performance to help determine next steps in patient care.

Provider Consulting and Analytics

Specialized healthcare consulting supported by robust analytics designed to improve clinical and business performance and thrive under payment reform.

Solutions to provide insights at the point of care

Micromedex® with Watson™
Evidence - based clinical decision support, with the added power of artificial intelligence.

Phytel Outreach
Automated, evidence - based communications that help close care gaps and improve clinical outcomes.

Phytel Remind
Automates communications to proactively remind patients about upcoming appointments.

Phytel Coordinate
Enables you to proactively engage patients with chronic and preventive care management campaigns.

Phytel Transition
Automated assessments that can help alert you to patients in need of follow - up care and intervention.

Micromedex® CareNotes™
Single source for evidence-based patient education materials

Micromedex® Pediatric Video Education
Animation-based, pediatric patient health education videos to help educate and engage patients.

Interactive, customizable content and tools designed to help you increase brand loyalty and community engagement

Micromedex® Pharmaceutical Knowledge
Provides trusted evidence and global guidance, with a pharmaceutical perspective

Micromedex® Medication Essential Fact Sheets
Easy-to-read medication handouts to complement your patient education & engagement efforts

Micromedex® Neofax® and Pediatrics
Drug, nutritional information, and dosing calculators to support neonatal and pediatric care

Micromedex RED BOOK
Quick reference tool for easy access to the latest drug information

Solutions to optimize performance

Helps hospitals evaluate operational performance using the largest comparative database for informed decisions.

Clinical quality insights, utilization and physician performance benchmarks against best - in - class organizations.

Flexible Analytics
Embeds robust analytic content in your own technology environment to help fuel population insights.

Market Expert
Market - specific, locally precise data insights for informed growth and service line strategies.

CareDiscovery Quality Measures
Make it easier to meet CMS compliance and core measure reporting requirements.

CareDiscovery Electronic Quality Measures
Assists hospitals in understanding data results and identifying ways to gather the required data.

Watson Health 100 Top Hospitals Program
Inspires hospital and health system to pursue higher performance and deliver value to communities.

Client success stories

Hospital Pharmacists Tap AI to Improve Drug Information Searches

Dozens of hospital pharmacists tested Micromedex with Watson , and they all made it clear that their number one priority was to make sure the clinical information they deliver to their colleagues and friends is rock solid.

DeKalb Medical

DeKalb Medical needed to improve operational and clinical outcomes, reduce administrative and clinical inefficiencies and develop system - wide key performance metrics — all with limited resources.

IBM Watson Health Taps Hospital Clinical Data to Improve Sepsis Care

AHMC Healthcare needed to focus on improving the patient experience and entire clinical operation around sepsis management.

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