What is Project Alvearie?

Innovation in healthcare is a team effort. 

With Project Alvearie, IBM is bringing together contributors from across the health and life sciences ecosystem to collaborate around common and pervasive challenges that prevent seamless health data ingestion and flow.

Our goal is to empower organizations to better leverage health data and analytics so that they can build solutions to help improve care delivery and operate more efficiently in a highly regulated environment.

Focus areas


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Transforming health tech

Alvearie contributors are working on interoperable technology assets and reference implementations that prioritize modularity, extensibility and cloud portability.

Use cases

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Solving tough challenges

Better data flow can support faster, smarter insights, helping organizations solve challenges related to care quality and delivery, consumer experiences, clinical development, and more.


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From open to the enterprise

Contributors will be able to leverage open-sourced assets in enterprise-grade offerings for providers, payers, government agencies, and life sciences organizations.

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Alvearie supports LinuxForHealth, a distributed processing network operating system