Clinical trials need to fail faster

Almost half of the money invested in a new drug is spent on trial failures. New and evolving technologies could help your life sciences organization develop strategies that reduce those expenses.

Power Decisions with Data

Three ways to run a more efficient clinical trial

From protocol design to executing your trial, using data and advanced analytics at key moments could provide opportunities for you to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Data: friend, foe or both? How life sciences leaders can benefit from data proliferation

Keeping track of new discoveries and data can make progress feel difficult, but data intelligence could actually optimize your product development and commercialization processes.

Get smarter about ways to transform value and access

To develop innovative market access strategies, you’ll need to look beyond traditional methods to more robust data, more flexible approaches, and large-scale collaborations.

Success stories

How Biorasi sped up their trial launches

Using IBM Clinical Development, Biorasi shortened their study build by 25% and cut the costs of their development lifecycle by more than 50%.

How Southern Star built a ready-to-launch study in four days

Southern Star Research acquired a new, cloud-based configurable clinical data management system and built a reliable, complete study in four days.

How the Baim Institute accelerated endpoint adjudication

The Baim Institute of Clinical Research cut their timeline by 30% with the IBM Clinical Development Endpoint Adjudication Module.

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