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Optimize your benefits strategy

IBM Watson Health partners with you to make sense of disparate data, uncover hidden patterns, and innovate with artificial intelligence. Our goal is to help enable you to:

  • Operate more strategically by quickly surfacing insights from data across your organization
  • Optimize your program performance with specific recommendations to improve program value and ensure compliance
  • Meet your employees where they are, with personalized advice and recommendations that are simple and easy to navigate

Our focus for HR professionals and employees

Benefits Precision

Provide insights to help reduce costs and improve quality through benefit design and value-based arrangements.

Benefits Navigation

Meet employees where they are with personalized advice and recommendations to select and optimize their benefits.

Quantifying the impact of stress on your employee population’s health

We examined the impact of self-reported stress on healthcare cost and utilization, as well as the prevalence of chronic diseases.

Our solutions

IBM Health Insights for Employers

Analytic and data visualization portfolio that puts data into context and allows you to customize as you go.

IBM Benefits Mentor with Watson

Best-fit benefit plan identification tool helping you engage employees through a chat with Watson.


Move from data to insights to action

Uncover the story hidden in your data and benefits before data. Learn how you can benefit from our advanced data visualization capabilities.

Is it time to change your analytics partner?

Our analytic and data visualization portfolio offers a fully integrated approach designed to transform data–providing flexible and easy access to insights.

How one employer helped employees save money during open enrollment

Employer adoption of data-driven enrollment tool helps drive best-fit benefit choices — and savings. Learn how one employer helped employees collectively realize $1M in estimated out-of-pocket savings.

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