Empower patients and track progress with IBM Phytel


Augment your EHR — and impact

IBM Phytel’s data-driven patient engagement solutions extend your resources to help empower patients, providers and their care teams. Identify gaps in care, engage priority patients, and measure progress.


IBM Phytel’s suite of solutions is designed to work with any EHR — empowering patients, providers and their care teams to help improve outcomes.


IBM Phytel Outreach

Promote better health outcomes for priority patients through the use of evidence-based communications

IBM Phytel Coordinate

Deploy personalized chronic and preventive care management campaigns that proactively engage patients

IBM Phytel Remind

Reduce no-show rates by issuing automated, multi-modal appointment reminders to patients

IBM Phytel Transition

Alert providers to patients who are due for follow-up care and intervention through automated assessments