Our mission

IBM Watson Health is committed to helping build smarter health ecosystems.

This means working with you to help you achieve simpler processes, better care insights, faster breakthroughs and improved experiences for people around the world.

The combination of our core strengths — our deep industry experience in health, our technology solutions including options for AI and data analytics, and our reputation for trust and security — helps us to deliver support for our clients' digital transformations.

Importance of research

Research has been essential from the beginning

IBM has had a longstanding tradition of investing in research, and that tradition continues with Watson Health. Since the inception of Watson Health, more than 2,000 publications from across Watson Health and IBM Research have been published that are aimed at tackling critical challenges in health and healthcare.

The Health Officers Pursuing Excellence and Evidence (HOPE) Team provides crucial support for research with clinical and scientific leadership across IBM Watson Health. The diverse membership of the team spans fields such as healthcare delivery and leadership, biomedical informatics and research, data science, engineering, technical development, and consulting.

Scientific updates

At the end of each quarter, the HOPE Team publishes a sampling of key health-related scientific evidence from IBM, Watson Health, and their partners.


Iconic moments for IBM in health.

Next steps