Uncover hidden insights across millions of interactions with Watson Analytics for Social Media

Dig deeper into millions of interactions on Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Google Plus, WordPress, and more with powerful social intelligence and analytics. Uncover hidden customer insights in seconds so you can ramp up your brand. Watson Analytics for Social Media is not your average social media analytics software. Find relevant comments and posts, and display results around topics you choose. See who is mentioning your brand, product, or service, and when and where.

Instead of spending a week or more on an initial market survey, we can cut through the chatter and get to the truly relevant data in just a few hours. That’s a time-saving of up to 95 percent for our analysts, and it means that we can start delivering insight to our clients in days, not weeks.

—Steffen Konrath, CEO, Liquid Newsroom

For Liquid Newsroom, no other analysis tool comes close to WASM

To help clients become thought leaders through data-driven marketing, Liquid Newsroom needs to explore new markets and discover what’s trending. IBM Analytics solutions empower the company to capture and analyze social media data in hours instead of days, helping deliver insight to clients at the speed needed for real-time marketing.

Why Watson Analytics for Social Media?

Advanced text analytics

Harness the sophistication of advanced text analytics and the power of IBM cognitive computing to learn how customers are behaving.

Hidden insights

Find out what's important to your audience via conversation clusters to identify insights in social data that you never thought to look for.


Unlike many social media listening and analytics tools, Watson Analytics for Social Media allows you to tune the sentiment analysis based on context to achieve more accurate results.

Holistic understanding

Add social media data to your own information on a single exploratory platform, to enhance your view of your business or product. Then create beautiful data visualizations by combining social intelligence with your own data.

Explore Watson Analytics for Social Media

Conversation clusters

Getting to know Watson Analytics for Social Media capabilities: Conversation clusters and more.

It takes just 60 seconds to become socially savvy

Gauge the pulse of your audience and add social insights to your marketing analytics in seconds. Gain real, actionable insights from your social media data.

Hydra Consulting creates engaging advertising

The best ads don’t just sell products, they build relationships between your brand and your customers. Hydra Consulting is using social media analytics to understand how ads engage emotions.

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