Watson Analytics and your industry

Watson Analytics offers smart data discovery, automated predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities so you get the answers you need for your industry. Banks and insurers can get insights about customer behavior, preferences and loyalty. Healthcare providers can get answers for optimizing program and patient outcomes. Government agencies can understand trends and patterns to be prepared for any contingency. Industrial organizations can assess supply chain operations for maximum efficiency.

Data discovery and analysis that matter to your industry

With Watson Analytics, automation does the hard work for you. All you need is a desktop web browser or the mobile app for iPad. With one click or tap, you get automatic visualizations and predictive analysis for industry analytics that fit your specific needs. No matter what your industry, in just minutes, answers to your most pressing questions are available. Use these new and unexpected insights to drive customer lifetime value, better patient outcomes, more effective programs or streamlined logistics. Then, tell more powerful stories with dashboards.

Cutting through spreadsheet complexity

To improve the efficiency and quality of nursing care, Liège University Hospital needed to better understand its performance. How could it unlock valuable insight from large and complex Excel files? Using Watson Analytics, the hospital has gained insight into the most relevant questions to ask. Understanding complex data without the need to build a model in advance; saves time and effort previously spent on analysis. Now there is greater awareness of performance throughout the hospital.

What can you do with Watson Analytics?

  • Explore data using your own words and get answers to key industry questions.
  • Discover what drives loyalty, efficiency, efficacy or improved outcomes in your industry.
  • Analyze sensitive and external data for a holistic view of your industry.
  • Collaborate with industry stakeholders using interactive dashboards.

Watson Analytics by industry

Banking and insurance

Identify just the right offers to grow, attract and retain valuable customers or policyholders.



Get the insights that can improve programs, optimize resources, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.

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Analyze community, crime, environmental and operations data to determine ways to improve the lives of your citizens.



Find patterns in your data that can help you prevent supply chain bottlenecks and enhance logistics and efficiency.

Explore Watson Analytics

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Find insurance opportunities

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Transform operations

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Improve agriculture

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Get industrial insights

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Seeing what is possible with IBM Watson Analytics has given us a whole host of new idea.

—Peter Enevoldsen, Head of IT, SEGES