What Expert Storybooks can do for you

Even the easiest of tools can seem complicated when you are wondering how to apply analytics to get the results you need. Working with IBM Watson Analytics Expert Storybooks is like having your own personal analytics mentor help you through the analytics journey. With guided analytics, you can quickly and easily review the insights from your data and communicate it with others in your organization. It’s that simple.

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Don’t get lost in analytics translation - Expert Storybooks lower barriers and remove complexities to make analytics attainable for users of all skill levels. The result? You can tackle your analysis with confidence.

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How to use Watson Analytics Expert Storybooks

Working with Watson Analytics Expert Storybooks is easy; it’s like having GPS for your analysis. All you need to do is bring your data and a business problem. Expert Storybooks take care of the rest. You get a starting point in your data and are directed to visualizations and analysis specific to your business questions that reveal answers and insights quickly.

No pain, plenty of analytics gain


Use guided analytics templates

Storybooks have data models, analysis and visualizations focused on your specific business problem.


Get smart explanations

Results are explained in plain language so you can understand what you’re seeing every step of the way.


Explore samples and more

Sample findings are instantly available or you can add data for analysis with just one click.


Envision a solution

You get structured analysis and help so you can see how to apply analytics to a given problem.

What can you do with Expert Storybooks?

  • Bring your data and a business problem and Expert Storybooks will find new insights and explain them.

  • Focus on understanding the most pertinent information and get help with interpreting results.

  • Communicate what you’ve learned so everyone’s ready to take action and seize new opportunities.

  • Create a dashboard so you can share your insights and tell a compelling story.

Explore Expert Storybooks

Access the storybooks

Sign into Watson Analytics, click the menu bar and select 'Analytics Exchange'.

Choose your storybook

Select a storybook and it automatically installs in Watson Analytics.

Access experts

Tap into the knowledge, experience and guidance of the experts who author the storybooks.

Create your own

Author your own storybook to help others get the accurate analysis needed to instill confidence.

Choose the edition that's right for you.