What Datawatch Monarch for IBM Analytics can do for you

Datawatch Monarch for IBM Analytics accelerates the process of transforming data for loading into Watson Analytics and Cognos Analytics for easy analysis. This data preparation software handles the messy data and prepares it for analysis with the click of a button. You get pre-load data configurations for most types of data sources including unstructured and semi-structured data. And, you can enjoy the confidence of knowing your analysis is more accurate.

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Diluting the data deluge - the combination of Datawatch data preparation and Watson Analytics means that all available data is included.

Bringing unused customer data into the light

Dark data is gaining recognition as a source to be reckoned with -- so take a proactive approach to data preparation. Netflix, Vigilant, some oil and gas providers, Oncam and other companies are analyzing dark data to improve customer satisfaction, experiences and loyalty. By aggregating everything from Salesforce daily snapshots to quarterly financial reporting, you can fill in some big blanks while getting critical insight for improving performance and maximizing ROI on marketing dollars spent.

What can you do with Datawatch Monarch for IBM Analytics?

  • No scripting or technical skills are required which means you can quickly get data ready for analysis.

  • Point-and-click functions make it easy to manipulate, enrich and combine data so it’s ready to load into Watson Analytics.

  • Data from web pages, PDFs, text reports, HTML and JSON is automatically extracted so you don’t have to do it.

  • A spreadsheet-like experience for business professionals means you can prep and blend data in a familiar interface.

No data prep pain


Prepare data with ease

Point-and-click functions make it easy to prep data yourself.


Integrate disparate data

Quickly combine dissimilar data and gain greater reach into a variety of data sets.


Access and share

Access 30 major databases. Extraction is automatic and data prep can be used again by others.


Rest easy

Security and information governance protect sensitive information and manage regulatory compliance.

Explore Expert Storybooks

Drag and drop

Automatic data extraction means no scripting skills are required.

Capture just the data

Visually navigate and filter data and metadata of any size while ignoring unwanted “noise.”

Link to major databases

Out-of-the-box tools enable multiple source connectivity.

Go straight to Watson Analytics

Prepped data exports directly into Watson Analytics, ready for analysis.

Choose the edition that's right for you.