What Watson Analytics can do for you

Watson Analytics gives you the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity. Marketing can identify factors that most likely influence a campaign response or product selection in a test market. Sales can close more deals by unlocking insights in revenue and win/loss data. Finance can get the insights that help increase profits and cash flow. IT can pinpoint trouble spots and resolve them for better revenue outcomes.

Bring your data to life—all on your own. Watson Analytics automates most analytics tasks for you so you can concentrate on keeping your line of business humming.

Increasing marketing campaign conversion rates

Irrelevant ads are a waste of time for consumers and a waste of money for the brand behind the campaign. To help marketing campaigns stand out against the background noise, GroupM uses machine-learning algorithms to gain ever-greater levels of insight into the targeting, timing and placement of ads—driving dramatically higher conversion rates. Embracing IBM Watson Analytics enabled them to increase marketing campaign conversion rates by up to 50 percent.

What can you do with Watson Analytics?

  • Tell a compelling story that can help you plan marketing campaigns that attract and retain more customers.
  • Identify factors most likely to contribute to your biggest sales wins (and greatest losses).
  • Discover patterns and trends you might not have seen when comparing spreadsheets of finance data.
  • Get answers about unresolved helpdesk tickets and constrained IT infrastructure.

Getting started is easy


Find marketing opportunities

Quickly spot customer buying and behavior trends and untapped campaign opportunities.

dollar sign

Upload sales data

Close more deals by unlocking insights in your data.

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Answer finance questions

Put together a compelling picture of your company’s financial future.

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Close tickets faster

Discover solutions that help tech support resolve problems more quickly.

Explore Watson Analytics


Marketing: Retain customers

Build truly differentiated campaigns for diverse customer groups that increase loyalty and revenue.


Sales: Close the deal

Carefully apply resources to the leads who need them the most and will provide the best returns.


Finance: Get more foresight

Up your planning game with fact-based decisions based on predictive analysis.


IT: Do more than react

Use data to answer questions about resources, infrastructure and issue prevention.

Watson Analytics empowers every type of person within Legends to harness data more effectively.

—Jon DeLord, Director of Insights and Analytics, Legends Hospitality