What the Watson Analytics Academic Program can do for you

Expertise in data mining and predictive analytics will be highly sought-after skills for years to come. Specifically, there is a strong demand for employees to not only be able to report their results but also give a compelling story as to why things are happening. To ensure that educational institutions have access to leading-edge analytics technology and can prepare their students for these opportunities, we offer the Watson Analytics Academic Program (WAP).

Access to easy, fast and powerful data analysis

This program makes Watson Analytics software for classroom teaching and research at no charge. Whether you’re a student, researcher or professor, you can explore datasets, get automated predictive insights, and create dashboards. In addition, students can enter yearly global competitions and hackathons for Watson Analytics.

Winning with Watson Analytics Academic Program

Engaging student and faculty users is the cornerstone of the Watson Analytics Academic Program. One way we do this is through worldwide competitions. In a recent competition, 125 teams from 32 universities across 6 countries participated and 3 teams, from Canada, Slovenia, and Australia, competed for the big prize.

Watson Analytics Academic Program benefits

  • Students gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace upon graduation.
  • Educators have access to the most powerful analytical tools for data exploration, analysis, and visualizations.
  • Academic institutions foster long-term relationships with corporate institutions that benefit al involved.
  • More graduates are proficient with analytics, the fastest growing software category for company spend.

Becoming an analytics pro is easy

Faculty: Accelerate research

Analyze research data and more easily and quickly with automatic visualizations and guided analysis.

Download the application, complete, and return it to us by email.

Students: Get ahead of the curve

Increase your competitiveness in a job market that values data analytics skills.

Obtain you own access for classroom use (up to 5 years) with a valid student email address.

Campuses: Offer analytics to all

Build relationships with corporate partners in a program that links them with skilled graduates.

Partner with IBM to add Watson Analytics to resources available to all your students.

Giving our students access to IBM Analytics solutions enables them to quickly pick up marketable skills, setting them up for success.

—Richard Self, Senior lecturer in Analytics and Governance within the College of Engineering and Technology, University of Derby