Our suite of AI advertising solutions

IBM Watson Advertising Weather Targeting

Use weather and AI to anticipate consumer behavior, drive action, and deliver ads when and where it matters most.

IBM Watson Advertising Accelerator

Use real-time data signals and AI to predict and assemble the optimal combination of copy and creative to drive engagement and conversion.

IBM Watson Advertising Conversations

Connect with consumers via 1:1, AI-driven creative engagements nearly anywhere in the digital ecosystem.

IBM Watson Advertising Predictive Audiences

Uncover new audiences more effectively with the world's leading AI and near real-time data processing - no cookies needed.


Integrated Marquee

Increase awareness and engagement by integrating your brand in a dynamic home screen experience on The Weather Channel digital properties

Weather Analytics

Use weather data and AI to unlock growth for your business.

IBM Watson Advertising COVID-19 Triggers

Use AI to reach your consumers with relevant messaging based on increasing or decreasing rates of COVID-19

Disruption creates opportunity

The disruption of the last two years to our industry and society has shifted consumer behaviors and forced businesses to rethink how they work and engage.

Compounding those challenges, our industry is facing other headwinds like increased demands for consumer privacy, which has led to mounting regulatory pressures, new policies, and businesses making pivots that prioritize consumer privacy.

These moments of massive disruption have forced us to take a critical look at how we solve new, big, complex problems... safely and at rapid speed.


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Creating opportunity starts with data

There's no shortage of data out there, but it isn’t useful to marketers unless it’s actionable.

We believe the industry needs a new and better way forward that is brand, publisher and privacy-first, grounded in real data, and ultimately drives a greater impact based on consumer intent across all digital channels. And that way forward is AI.

AI technology is what allows marketers to take action on diverse data signals, quickly and accurately. And the result is a quantifiable, lasting impact on the value exchange with your customers that grows and strengthens over time.

Why IBM Watson Advertising?

IBM has been around for more than a century. We’ve seen our share of industry disruptions, and we run towards them.

We’ve always been fiercely committed to using our tech for good and to leading the way through industry challenges - it’s part of our DNA.

We have put our data, technology, and expertise to work to address issues from making COVID-19 information accessible, to mitigating bias in advertising, to empowering consumers to make safer decisions during flu season.

If we can use data and AI to make an impact here, we can also use it to create a new way forward for the advertising industry.


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Our commitment

We know that beneath these challenges lies opportunity. With data and AI leading the way, IBM Watson Advertising is committed to helping businesses create opportunity to:

  • Address changes to identifiers
  • Comply with changing privacy regulations 
  • Be free from dependency on walled gardens
  • Build more trust with consumers
  • Ultimately, build a better advertising foundation for the future.

We have opened up our technology by working with the most important independent players - DSPs, publishers, SSPs, innovators, and more - and we have a  unique window for progress here.

Now is the time to lean in and build a better advertising foundation for the future. Together, we can create opportunity for your business and brand, and for the advertising industry as a whole.



*Accelerator collects information about consumers who access advertising and other content through its technology partner Artsai. You can view the Artsai Privacy Policy here: https://artsai.com/privacy (link resides outside of IBM.com).

**https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/insights/us/articles/5189_Global-AI-survey/DI_Global-AI-survey.pdf (link resides outside of IBM.com)

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