A volatile winter outlook is no reason for marketers to be caught unprepared

By Adrienne Beck

Building an accurate forecast is about more than giving precise weather predictions months ahead of time. It’s also about understanding the dynamic nature of weather and preparing for the various ways in which it could likely change based on data-driven models and expert analysis.

Our Winter 2022 Seasonal Outlook provides not only our most updated forecast for December – February but also an explanation of factors that could shift the forecast, the potential impacts of those changes and recommendations on how marketers can stay one step ahead.

Read the outlook now to learn:

  • Why a warmer winter season could actually increase snowfall in specific regions
  • What purchases consumers are prioritizing – and delaying – this season based on our latest research
  • Why a potentially volatile winter presents opportunities for marketers to capture sudden spikes in demand and connect with consumers in moments that matter

Read the outlook now.


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