Winning with Watson

By IBM Watson Advertising

Driving personalized ad experiences that don’t leverage personal data sounds like an impossible task. But it’s exactly the challenge facing advertisers today. Despite the loss of cookies and increasing regulations about the use of private data, consumers still demand ad experiences that feel customized and relevant to their needs.

Open and advanced technologies like AI can help marketers rise to this challenge by analyzing massive and diverse data sets in near-real time and delivering personalized, relevant experiences without the use of cookies or personal data.

Brands like State Farm and CVS are leveraging IBM Watson Advertising AI solutions to future-proof their strategies and drive faster, better decisions.

And the industry is taking notice. Read on to learn more about these award-winning campaigns.

State Farm: Delivering on the “good neighbor” promise

State Farm leveraged IBM Watson Advertising Conversations to enable 1:1 dialogue with consumers at scale.

Deployed on The Weather Channel app, this AI-powered, conversational marketing solution delivered 24/7 online support through a digital chat experience that combined natural language processing with extensive training on State Farm’s body of knowledge. This enabled a near-real time 1:1 dialogue with consumers that communicated State Farm’s financial flexibility during the pandemic, guided customers through online claims and highlighted how the company is caring for employees and communities. State Farm can also use insights gained from these interactions to inform future strategies.

The campaign also helped consumers stay safe with personalized tips and recommendations for severe weather. Weather targeting was used to reach consumers that were most likely to experience dangerous conditions so they could be prepared.

This campaign has been recognized for the following industry awards:

  • IAC Awards: Best Advertising Online Ad
  • REGGIE Awards: Innovative Use of Marketing Technology

Find out how State Farm increased brand preference by 5.4%.

CVS: Combining data and AI to help people prepare for flu season

CVS sponsored the Flu Insights with Watson feature on The Weather Channel app, which applies AI and machine learning to provide consumers with critical information that helps them prepare for flu season.

To get ahead of the increasing flu risk in an area, the Flu Insights with Watson feature used AI to process weather data, anonymized health information and other privacy-forward inputs to notify users of the flu risk in their area up to 15-days in advance.

The alignment of flu preparedness messaging with these predictive insights helps CVS build brand trust and connect with consumers with the right message at the right time.

This campaign has been recognized for the following industry awards:

  • IAC Awards: Best Healthcare Online Ad
  • REGGIE Awards: Innovative Use of Marketing Technology
  • Festival of Media Global Awards: Best Use of Digital Media – Mobile
  • The Drum Awards for Marketing: Healthcare/Pharma

Learn how CVS reached 42 million consumers in moments that matter.

Ad Council: Serving the public good through racial justice and vaccine education

The Ad Council leveraged IBM Watson Advertising Accelerator for their Love Has No Labels "Fight for Freedom" effort, which centers around racial injustice, bias, and equality. Accelerator uses machine learning to analyze audience reactions to messages and predict which specific creative elements would drive conversions across different demographics without the use of cookies or personal identifiers.

These efforts drove a 113% increase in click-through rates as well as a 69% lift in actions on the ‘Love Has No Labels’ site. 

Encouraged by the results of this campaign, the Ad Council is currently working with IBM Watson Advertising on "It's Up To You," an initiative that educated people about the COVID-19 vaccine by reaching communities where there are higher levels of vaccine hesitancy.

Accelerator is being used to test and predict the optimal combination of digital creative elements to craft a message that best resonates with each target demographic.

This campaign has been recognized for the following industry awards:

  • The Drum Awards for Marketing: Best Technology-led Innovation of the Year

Discover how the Ad Council drove 113% lift in campaign performance.