Turning Big Data into Action

By IBM Watson Advertising

The use of AI allows marketers to engage individual consumers in ways never before possible. One of the most essential challenges AI solves is the ability to harness the power of big data. In theory, marketers now have all the data they need to reach and serve their customers – consider the billions of tweets, pictures, emails, and website visits that are already generated each day. In reality, however, there are several key challenges standing in the way that AI is positioned to help solve:

  1. Unstructured Data: The ability to interpret images and understand natural language makes AI an invaluable tool for unlocking the data brands have not been able to harness in the past.
  2. Explosion of Tools: Marketers are forced to spend a lot of energy integrating and connecting data across diverse environments.
  3. Lack of Transparency: Inconsistent standards, rampant bot fraud and opaque billing practices raise serious concerns about data integrity. For marketers it’s hard to know if campaigns are truly working.
  4. Walled Gardens: AI takes the pressure off brands from relying on broadcast campaigns in these large, but isolated channels, by improving connections to buyers through outreach that is highly targeted and personalized.

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