'Tis the Season for Holiday Marketing Campaign Planning

By IBM Watson Advertising

It may seem early, but ‘tis the season… for holiday marketing campaign planning!

Watson Advertising is giving you the “gift” of a winter weather outlook and holiday insights to help you better influence coveted audiences, focus on the right channels, and achieve your advertising objectives.

Across the country this year, consumers are likely to experience a colder, drier start to the holiday season. These first signals that winter is coming will likely have a positive impact on holiday shopping, entertaining, and hosting activity, along with winter outdoor activities as consumers get in the holiday spirit. In fact, these “seasonal first” moments – the first indicators that a new season is starting – are particularly important for consumer activity, as they bring about feelings of optimism and confidence. It will be important for marketers to be in-market with holiday campaigns early this year.

With cooler temperatures across most of the country this year vs. last year, marketers should anticipate strong sales of seasonal products such as apparel, cold-weather sporting goods, and home items. These conditions will also help buoy participation in winter-related outdoor activities, as well as encourage winter-related entertainment. On the other hand, the Northeast and North Central regions of the US may be warmer than last year, and sales of non-seasonal goods like electronics, appliances, and home furnishings are likely to spike.

Wetter weather is also forecast across the country this holiday season, which may have a negative impact on overall spending – particularly if wet weather occurs on the weekends shoppers are more likely to stay home vs. shop in-store. Marketers should monitor the weather closely to ensure they are capturing their share of consumer spend – especially over the weekends. And though wetter conditions may keep people home, they should amplify likely already-increased online shopping activity. It will be important for marketers to focus on their e-commerce strategies during times of inclement weather.

Looking for additional holiday marketing tips and tricks? Download our holiday guide below, and contact your Watson Advertising representative for additional industry-specific holiday insights.

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