Why predictive advertising solutions are essential to personalized activations

By IBM Watson Advertising

In modern marketing, reacting in real-time may now be too slow.

Personalization in ad experiences is more important than ever as consumers seek a deeper sense of understanding and empathy from brands. As a result, the ability to deliver the most targeted and relevant activations is quickly becoming a competitive differentiator as marketers strive to connect with consumers.

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It’s no longer enough to react in near-real time to consumer preferences and behaviors; that capability is now expected and demanded by customers. Setting your brand apart with truly engaging experiences requires solutions that allow you to anticipate consumer actions before they happen.

Wayne Gretzky explained that his father taught him to skate to where the puck was going to be, not where it was. This advice beautifully captures the aspirations of today’s advertising industry: What if you could anticipate and respond to your customers’ preferences and behaviors before they happen?

With AI advertising technologies, this might finally be possible.

Less reactionary, more predictive advertising

For example, IBM Watson Advertising Accelerator helps marketers improve effectiveness and efficiency by predicting which combinations of creative elements are most likely to resonate with a consumer group and serving unique experiences based on message resonance. The solution uses Watson AI to gather, analyze and learn from engagement data to automatically adjust text and graphics based on their projected resonance for specific user groups before the ad is presented.

By automatically anticipating and selecting the right mix of creative variants, Accelerator helps marketers increase conversion rates through more relevant advertisements. Further, the solution creates and adjusts new segments of user groups based on their interactions with content without manual intervention. Marketers can also enhance future campaigns by unlocking rich insights about how to better reach different groups moving forward.

Find a trusted voice with IBM Watson Advertising

As the advertising industry prepares for a future without cookies and other personally identifiable information, marketers must discover new strategies for reaching their audience in a personalized manner. One effective strategy could be optimizing key individuals whose voices and opinions are already trusted by your ideal consumer.

IBM Watson Advertising Social Targeting with Influential uses AI to pair brands with influencers who can help increase consumer engagement by showcasing products and services on social media. Drawing from a network of more than 500,000 influencers, candidates are evaluated using background checks, motor vehicle reports, profanity ratings and more to help you find the right person.

This solution uses natural language processing to qualify the influencer’s online presence – and that of their audience – to identify a good match for your brand and avoid followings dominated by invalid traffic or bots. Once the campaign is launched, views are tied to real purchase data to help verify that your message drove results. This helps you not only “skate to where the puck will be,” but also ensure that you’re skating toward the “right” puck for your brand.

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watson advertising ai almanac