How brands can accelerate consumer action in OTT ad experiences

By IBM Watson Advertising

The streaming market exploded during the pandemic as consumers from across generations sought more entertainment options at home. Brands have followed this trend by substantially increasing their streaming spend. In fact, streaming ad budgets are projected to reach USD 18 billion by 2024.

But delivering targeted experiences through streaming services can be challenging. Every publisher, OTT app or Smart TV has its own identity system, which can make measuring campaigns difficult. Also, many brands may only have the creative resources to leverage the same TV assets for digital pre-roll, OTT and linear TV campaigns, creating the risk of annoying viewers who see the same mid-roll ad at every commercial break.

To avoid creative burnout and ineffective optimizations, marketers are seeking new  solutions for delivering personalized OTT experiences for each user that drive measurable actions.

Built to improve creative flexibility and effectiveness in OTT

IBM Watson Advertising Accelerator helps improve outcomes in video and OTT campaigns by delivering personalized ads and digital creative experiences across the majority of streaming media publishers and providers. The solution uses AI to dynamically assemble the creative elements that are most likely to boost ad performance for specific viewers based on near-real time, household-specific data signals.

This technology is designed to remove the manual work and human bias from dynamic creative setup. Brands start by sharing their various creative assets that can be used to assemble advertisements, such as different music tracks, video sequences, voice overs and end cards. IBM organizes these assets into themes which are fed into Accelerator.

Using these themes, IBM Watson machine learning analyzes hundreds of cookieless data signals to predict and assemble unique creative experiences for each individual or household based on the likelihood of converting against a predetermined key performance indicator (KPI). This KPI can be video completion rate (VCR) or a secondary conversion metric such as brand site actions or app installs. This helps your teams test and derive audience insights from hundreds of different creative variables while improving campaign performance over time.

This award-winning technology has driven an average 127% performance lift in display campaigns and has helped OTT properties exceed video completion rate (VCR) benchmarks by almost 20%. We’ve also built relationships with Xandr and other OTT programmatic partners to help ensure that Accelerator technology can apply to the majority of your streaming media.

To see how IBM Watson Advertising Accelerator can help your OTT campaigns perform against business goals while creating measurable results and insights, request a demo today (link resides outside of

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