Not all Data is Created Equal

By IBM Watson Advertising

Underneath the surface, however, lie challenges. Automated systems are only as good as the data they take in, and the harsh reality is that most of the data that informs the industry’s programmatic media buying is questionable. From varying and opaque data collection methods to a lack of standards, many marketers are in the dark when it comes to the quality of data that goes into their campaigns. And the cost of using bad data can have serious ramifications.

It is estimated that 6% of brands’ annual revenues are lost each year due to bad data. As data protection laws go into effect and potentially result in brands creating less first party data, marketers will need to know the difference between good and bad data.

In “Not All Data is Created Equal,” Randi Stipes, Watson Advertising’s Head of Global Advertising Solutions, addresses the data challenges facing marketers today and shares best practices for selecting data partners and how brands can put data to work.

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