Making Artificial Intelligence Real

By IBM Watson Advertising

Everyone is talking about big data and artificial intelligence (AI). There is so much data being created, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada. Marketers, of course, understand the importance of this because aside from their day jobs they are consumers first. Every day they share and receive hundreds of emails, ask Alexa to play a favorite song, share location information in exchange for a precise weather forecast, and tweet about things like how cool it was that Prince Harry invited commoners to his wedding.

While AI may be the key to unlocking insights, elucidating the needs of consumers, driving efficiencies, and transforming marketing as we know it, brands are still not fully embracing its potential.

IBM Watson Advertising is sharing a few tips on how to become AI-ready, and make artificial intelligence a reality for your brand.

Read the full article by Janna Ritzcovan Synovec, Watson Advertising’s Head of Marketing and Sales Enablement, for tips on understanding what AI is (and what it isn’t), using quality data and choosing quality partners, and jumping in feet first.

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