Creative lessons from AI

By January Holmes

In many science-fiction blockbusters, an android’s intelligence is critical to the main character’s success and survival. This plot device illustrates how real-world technology can teach us what we need to overcome great obstacles. As marketers, we may not be up against monsters from outer space, but we do face challenges that require creative problem-solving and a little help from AI.

While privacy regulations are to be admired, they’re also going to make finding and reaching your target audience more difficult. You will need to nail the creative the first time because there’s no guarantee of high frequency and retargeting methodologies. But without any previous information about these consumers, effective personalization will be nearly impossible.

So how can marketers evolve and personalize their marketing message for their target audience?

Marketers deserve a full circle feedback loop of insights and learnings to continually power future strategies.

One-way creative is a dead end. Today’s marketer must listen, learn and respond to consumers in near-real-time and at scale.

AI can help marketers learn from extensive data and inputs to make better decisions about creative messages. This technology helps take the manual work out of creative optimizations and deepen engagement through personalized conversations while showing you how to improve future strategies.

For example, IBM Watson Advertising offers two creative solutions powered by AI: IBM Watson Advertising Accelerator and IBM Watson Advertising Conversations. Based on our wide industry knowledge and campaign performance, we want to share lessons from our AI-powered campaigns that have helped us make better creative decisions.

Enjoy this complimentary infographic with some of our favorite tips, rooted in real campaign performance, with no scary extraterrestrials.

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