11 AI advertising examples you should know about

By IBM Watson Advertising

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that develops machines that are programmed to process information and learn like humans. Speech recognition, problem-solving, learning, and planning are all examples of AI being used in modern, everyday life. AI can span across different kinds of businesses, such as banking, eCommerce and more. When applied to advertising, machine learning can help organizations optimize their budgets for a strong return on investment. AI is shaping the future of advertising, advertising, with different methods of AI advertising, such as cognitive advertising, conversational marketing, contextual advertising and programmatic advertising impacting how brands interact and engage with consumers. 

The AI advertising examples and success stories below range in terms of the industry tackled. However, they all share one commonality: the more data fed, the more AI learns, and the more successful businesses can be. Let’s look at some AI example case studies, and how the businesses were impacted by this technology.

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1. Toyota Prius Prime uses AI conversations to interact with consumers

Toyota came to IBM Watson Advertising with the goal of engaging auto-intenders in today’s environmentally conscious world. Their Prius Prime vehicle is more technologically advanced than the average car. For that reason, the IBM Watson Advertising Conversations technology solution provided a perfect way to engage and educate this tech-savvy audience.

Toyota Prius was able to have real-time conversations with clients and prospects. This interaction was a new way for users to engage with the brand, leading to the following results:

  • 6,000 total User Conversations
  • 3x Google Rich Media interaction time benchmark
  • 20% increase in Purchase Consideration among M35-49
  • 37% higher engagement with audience-based location targeting than other audience-based campaign targeting used
  • 3 interactions per Session for Big Web

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2. Best Western improves visits with AI advertising

Best Western came to IBM Watson Advertising to reach and engage consumers in active travel planning mode around peak holiday weekends, which are some of the busiest travel periods of the year. Conversations were an ideal way for Best Western to offer personalized travel recommendations and help them take the pain out of the travel planning process.

By using personalization, Best Western saw meaningful time spent with consumers and an increase in traffic to their locations, which included:

  • 2.2x higher time spent with Conversations versus Google Rich Media interaction time benchmark
  • 42 seconds average time spent within the Conversations unit per session
  • 48.6% incremental lift in visits to Best Western locations versus those who had already planned to visit Best Western hotel properties

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3. CVS reaches 42 million consumers in moments

CVS came to IBM Watson Advertising looking to engage with consumers in high-risk flu areas through contextual ads. The goal of the campaign was to drive flu-shot vaccinations to help prevent people from getting sick.

With millions of Americans at risk of contracting the flu, CVS’s sponsorship of the AI-enabled Flu Insights with Watson tool on The Weather Channel app was the perfect remedy for CVS to drive contextual relevance and effectively connect with consumers when and where it mattered.

Through the Flu Insights with Watson sponsorship on The Weather Channel app, CVS reached millions of consumers in critical planning moments. They were able to achieve the following results:

  • Over 42,000,000 unique visitors
  • 644,000,000 total ad impressions served
  • 120%+ internal benchmark click-through rate (CTR) for dynamic creative ad units

Their campaign also drove exceptional engagement, with "Find Your Local CVS" messaging converting over 77% of module clicks.

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4. McDonald’s leverages IBM Watson Advertising to drive in-store visits

McDonald’s came to IBM Watson Advertising looking to generate visibility around their McCafe limited-time specialty coffee offerings. Their goals were to increase engagement and drive consumers in-store to purchase while measuring in-store visits. To meet these objectives, McDonald’s used high-impact branded backgrounds to capture users’ attention and native photos to integrate McDonald’s into the seamless flow of The Weather Channel mobile app.

McDonald’s leveraged IBM Watson Advertising’s location data and store locators to drive the following results:

  • ~5,000,000 impressions
  • 168% more efficient cost per visit than category benchmarks
  • .71% CTR for mobile branded backgrounds +25% versus benchmark
  • 79% of exposed users visited McDonald’s restaurants within 3 days

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5. Walgreens sees notable foot traffic lift with IBM Watson Advertising AI solutions

It’s no secret that weather conditions impact symptoms of certain medical conditions. Allergies, flu, cold, cough… the list goes on. To help provide timely relief to consumers—not to mention benefit from the trending increase in healthcare spending—Walgreens collaborated with IBM Watson Advertising.

By identifying the right consumers and reaching them in the right moments, Walgreens saw a healthy lift in overall store traffic and notable success with specific tactics.

  • 379.98% lift in-store traffic with Native Ads
  • 11.29% lift in-store traffic with Rx Total Flu Messaging
  • 24.39% lift in-store traffic with Cough and Cold Symptom Messaging

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6. Behr spends 3.4x more time with consumers

More people than ever have turned to do-it-yourself (DIY) projects in recent times. Consumers, however, can be overwhelmed by having too many choices, struggling with choosing paint colors. This can result in consumers becoming hesitant to start their own painting projects.

With extensive Behr Paint product training, FAQs, and additional brand content, IBM Watson Advertising Conversations powered by AI, enabled real-time, 1-on-1 dialogue with consumers. This delivered unique paint color recommendations for each user. Conversations use Watson’s machine learning, as well as Natural Language capabilities, to scale personalized connections with consumers, without using cookies or personally identifiable information.

Behr Paint saw meaningful time spent with consumers.

  • Over 10,000 1:1 Conversations between Behr and their consumers, helping each user find their personalized paint-color recommendation
  • 3.4x more time spent versus Google Rich Media interaction time benchmark
  • +108% engagement rate versus IBM Watson Advertising Conversations benchmark

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7. Campbell’s Soup drives 10,000 one-on-one consumer engagements

Campbell’s Soup makes real food that matters for everyday events like family dinners, gatherings of friends, or tailgate parties. They then came to IBM Watson Advertising looking to understand consumers’ mindsets better and wanted to use IBM Watson in one-to-one conversations with their consumers to provide the correct solution at the right time. This resulted in:

  • 10,000 active user sessions and one-on-one engagements with consumers
  • 1.9x improvement in desktop ingredient submissions rate throughout the campaign
  • 50% of all recipe shares were driven by email
  • 27% of mobile app video completion rate (VCR)

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8. Pivot Bio drives consumer awareness with IBM Watson Advertising Conversations

During a challenging time for the agriculture industry, with a widespread dependence on synthetic fertilizers, Pivot Bio wanted to increase awareness and education for its new innovative solution. It offers farmers the first in-field microbial product to sustainably feed nitrogen daily to corn crops.

With Conversations, Pivot Bio saw meaningful interactions with its target consumers:

  • 5% conversion rate
  • Integrated home screen experience on The Weather Channel app drove a .59% engagement rate, +2.9x versus the benchmark
  • 1.76 average user inputs per conversation
  • 1.1x more conversations on integrated home screen experience versus conversations to date

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9. TruGreen beat benchmarks during critical spring window

When winter wanes and spring starts coming into view, homeowners go into planning mode. Personalized lawn care company TruGreen wanted to get into the mindsets of these consumers—and get ahead of the competition—by inspiring people to go outside, enjoy life, and maybe even do a little lawn care.

The brand tapped into IBM Watson Advertising’s deep understanding of weather’s impact on consumer behavior to cultivate the right combination of solutions. Ultimately, the optimal solution used a mix of accurate weather and location data, plus content advertising and native marketing on The Weather Channel's digital properties.

The campaign leveraged weather-triggered advertising to deliver on TruGreen’s KPIs, with results that grew beyond key benchmarks:

  • TruGreen reached a 0.45% CTR, more than 4x higher than Google Rich Media Benchmark
  • 92% article completion rate on the TruGreen site
  • More than 2 minutes spent per visit
  • Ad awareness was boosted by 23% on weather.com, and 130% on The Weather Channel app

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10. Lufthansa drives meaningful engagement with IBM Watson Advertising Conversations

Lufthansa was looking to take their personalization of the travel planning experience to the next level by reaching and engaging with everyday travelers and adventure seekers. Their core goal was for consumers to explore a world of possibilities while rediscovering their travel desires.

Using Conversations, Lufthansa found these results:

  • 8% conversation rate driven by the Mobile Integrated Marquee
  • 41 seconds average time spent
  • Total of 4 user-driven interactions per session

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11. Hulu and IBM Watson Advertising pioneer a new way to connect with subscribers

IBM Watson Advertising and Hulu collaborated on a targeted, AI-powered ad experience with IBM Watson Advertising Conversations. Hulu’s overall goals were to build awareness for the Hulu brand, promote the launch of “Hulu with Live TV,” educate users on Hulu’s services and differentiate their brand as a preferred streaming service.

Hulu saw the following results across their campaign:

  • 44,000,000 total impressions served
  • 18,000 active user sessions
  • 3,500 conversations
  • 14,000 total button clicks with 3,000 clicks to Hulu.com
  • 3,700 more time spent in the unit versus Google Rich Media interaction rate benchmark

Read the full case study.

How Watson Advertising is using AI to impact everyday lives

AI is continually gaining popularity at a much faster pace. It influences how we live, interact, and even how we improve the customer experience. There is much more to come in the next decade with more improvements, development and governance.

Learn more about how AI is impacting everyday life with IBM Watson Advertising.


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