About Location Targeting

Location Targeting uses one of the world’s largest continuous streams of first party location data – The Weather Channel – to find and reach relevant audiences. Location Targeting leverages people’s real-world behaviors over time to shed light on their wants, needs, preferences, consumption habits, and anticipated future activities.

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How Location Targeting Works

Location Targeting observes the real, human journeys of The Weather Channel users to help brands establish meaningful audience profiles, create more relevant messaging strategies, and ultimately help eliminate media waste. 

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Going Deeper with Data

Location Targeting collects and learns from real-world behaviors to deliver a 360* view of a brand’s ideal consumers by observing and learning from real, human journeys. Our Location Targeting offering goes deeper with data, by telling you:

  • Who You Should Target
  • Who Else You Should Target?
  • What You Can Learn From Them
  • When You Should Reach Them
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