About the Integrated Marquee

The Integrated Marquee is IBM Watson Advertising’s premium high-impact ad product. It combines brand imagery and messaging with real-time weather conditions to create stunning, contextually-relevant ads on The Weather Channel app and weather.com

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laptop showing integrated marquee

Key benefits of the Integrated Marquee

Make a strong first impression

The Integrated Marquee is positioned right where consumers look when they check today’s weather, either on The Weather Channel mobile app home screen or the top forecast pages on weather.com.


Be contextually relevant

Dynamically align your brand message with consumers’ real-time weather and location data.

Reach a massive audience

Connect with over 28M daily US users across The Weather Channel platforms.


How the Integrated Marquee works

By default, the Integrated Marquee reflects the weather conditions and time of day in a user’s location — it can be further customized using our proprietary Adaptor logic and Weather Targeting triggers.

HTML5-based features such as video playback, animation, and product carousels are also available.

Advertisers can choose the feature or combination of features that best suits their marketing goals.

integrated marquee example on phone