About Social Targeting with Influential

Social Targeting with Influential offers AI-powered influencer technology that pairs brands with the right influencers to amplify their message and drive consumer engagement. In today’s crowded digital landscape, it’s more important than ever to create an authentic connection with an audience. Social Targeting with Influential leverages the most advanced AI technology to select influencers, inform content and strategy, and deliver higher engagement, sentiment and ROI.  

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How Social Targeting with Influential works

Social Targeting with Influential offers brands the ability to fully understand the demographics that make up an influencer’s audience and set up timed message release to ensure a consistent drum beat throughout a campaign. First, we ensure you are speaking to the right influencer. Next, we aim to understand more about who that influencer is based on what their audience thinks of them. Finally, we analyze their postings and images to ensure that their beliefs are reflective of your brand. Advanced analytics show true end-to-end attribution for any influencer marketing strategy, all of which can help brands:

  • Eliminate waste in their media buys
  • Increase authenticity when speaking to customers
  • Have end-to-end campaign control

Going deeper with AI

Social Targeting with Influential eliminates the guesswork around selecting an influencer. It’s not about finding the most-followed influencer: It’s about identifying the right influencer to carry your brand’s message. Social Targeting with Influential leverages three Watson APIs — NLP (Natural Language Processing), Personality Insights and Tone Analyzer APIs — to analyze brand health and potential influencer candidates and provide a strategic recommendation on whom to target. Watson also analyzes influencer followings to ensure the demographics and affinities match that of the brand. 

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