About Watson Ads Builder

IBM Watson Ads Builder is a platform service that enables creative agencies, developers, and other partners to craft and deploy Watson-powered, AI-enabled conversational marketing experiences nearly anywhere online, with superior speed.

conceptual diagram of watson ads builder process
collage of screenshots of watson ads builder on both phone and desktop

How Watson Ads Builder Works

The easy to use platform is built on the same technology and modeled after the process that powers the award-winning Watson Ads offering, and can help:

  • Drive 1:1 conversations with consumers, powered by Watson, to deliver transformational insights that can influence business, creative, and communication strategies for products and services.
  • Jump start development with integrated industry knowledge, content generation tools, and streamlined content delivery to help deploy a best-in-class bot.
  • Accelerate AI adoption across teams to deliver enhanced experiences that can help increase brand awareness, favorability, and purchase consideration.

Visit ibm.biz/watsonadsbuilder to start your free trial or contact your IBM Watson Advertising representative to learn more.

Go Deeper with AI

Harness the power of Natural Language Processing and Watson Ads' scalable platform to rapidly craft and deploy intelligent, measurable consumer conversations. Accelerate your AI strategy with a cognitive conversation builder platform that can help you deliver a consumer-ready, sophisticated dialogue in a matter of days.

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